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  1. I like them, my lady likes them, we like them, they are far superior to the Beach Boys.
  2. what in the actual {censored} is that
  3. hey SAL, sup with paint, or whatever materials you're into these days, in your free time, that is?
  4. Originally Posted by christianatl I'm well aware of the documented bromance between me and SAL, but y'all should really see some of his paintings. oh please tell me that they are full of hyperbole and cocky bluster.
  5. Originally Posted by orangesix so.....how can i post pictures without having to use photo bucket? haven't a clue, sorry.
  6. Originally Posted by Cisco I love Bob, always have.......but I don't feel he was at the apex of the genre or anything like everyone makes him out to be. I think you might be mistaken......
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