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Looks like I got scammed on eBay too!

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Originally posted by Phil O'Keefe

Well, I'm glad to hear that you got the money, and found a good working ADAT deck from another seller.


Thanks! I was pretty crushed when the first ADAT deal went bad!


What I'm wondering is this: Now that the conflict has been resolved, and the arbitration worked in YOUR favor, will ebay retract the guy's negative feedback that he left for you?
It would only seem fair AFAIC.


Good point... I was wondering about that too. I'll send eBay a message tomorrow and ask them if they'll remove the negative feedback that the scammer gave me, in light of my winning the dispute, and because eBay wound up paying me back instead of the crook that scammed me.


I try hard to be a great Ebay'er. But it seems like there are some flaws in the feedback system. I'm proud of my 100% positive rating, but one disputed deal like yours would screw that up.

And then there's folks who won't give you positive feedback... or any feedback. I recently did a deal for $1,300 on Ebay. I paid via the specific method the seller requested (USPS MO), even though that wasn't the most convienient way for me to do it. I sent the payment quickly, and he had it within three or four days after the auction closed. I got the products (pretty much as described) and was happy, so I posted positive feedback for the seller. But a week went by and still no positive feedback for me. So I sent the guy a nice message via ebay asking if he could please post some feedback, and he replied that he would. That was a while ago, and he still hasn't done it.

In the future, I think I'll go back to waiting to post feedback until after the other person does first.


Yeah... that's happened to me too. I've had to ask for feedback on most of my ebay purchases, and that was after I had already left positive feedback about the sellers.


Anyway, thanks again Phil, and everyone else that gave me advice and moral support during this adventure. ;)

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And Double thanks for keeping us all informed as to how it all came out in the end.


Its a thread that can help someone else down the road possibly avoid this sort of thing, and if not, know what to do based on your info.


Thanks :)


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Hi there,


Well, I wrote to eBay regarding the nasty bit of negative feedback that the scammer left me (the only negative feedback that I've received), explaining that I filed a fraud complaint which was found in my favor, and I received the following Email from them :




Thank you writing to eBay's SafeHarbor Department about your dispute

resolution for feedback removal.


If you have successfully completed the SquareTrade mediation process

with the other member involved in the transaction, we can withdraw the

feedback rating. This is according to our Feedback Removal Policy found

at the following Web page:




We cannot withdraw the feedback rating until we hear directly from

SquareTrade with the results of the mediation. It can take several days

for this process to be completed and the feedback ratings withdrawn. You

may contact your SquareTrade mediator to get the status of your

mediation request.


If you feel you can work the situation out with the other member, you

may wish to use the Mutual Feedback Withdrawal function. If you and your

transaction partner mutually agree to withdraw the feedback, the

feedback rating will no longer be counted in your total feedback score.

However, the text of the feedback remains in the Member Profile. More

information on Mutual Feedback Withdrawal can be found at:




You can find a link to the Mutual Feedback Withdrawal form on the

Feedback Disputes Help page, or by following these steps:


1. Click the "Feedback Forum" link at the bottom of most eBay pages

2. Click the "Feedback Disputes" link in the Feedback Help box

3. Select "Mutual Feedback Withdrawal."


We appreciate the time you took to contact to us.




eBay SafeHarbor Team




So, I'm hopeful that the crummy feedback that the scammer left me will be gone soon. I'll let you know how it turns out.

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I know this a couple weeks after this thread was probably dead and buried, but if you ever want to check out the full extent of someone's negative feedback on eBay, give this site a try:




This is one damn cool site for eBay users, and you will be surprised at the type of information available to you through it....and it's free.

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