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  1. There should be images. I don't understand why they aren't. If they aren't hosted by Harmony Central it doesn't cost them anything in bandwidth. If HC is worried about the minority who still use dial up, just stick a thread to the top of the classified pages that explains how to temporarily disable images. It takes about 10 seconds to turn images off, and another 10 seconds to turn them back on when you're done looking at the classfieds. In IE: Tools/Internet Options - Advanced Tab Uncheck "Show Pictures" Click OK Similarly easy in Firefox
  2. SOLD Line 6 GuitarPort USB Cable & copy of Guitar Port Software included Works perfect, excellent condtion, no issues. Figured I'd give this a try before putting it on eBay. Please check my past eBay transactions so you know I'm not going to scam you. Will ship FedEx the day after payment. eBay ID is: toopc PayPal only. I have a verified account. $55 shipped to CONUS See Picture here - and then wonder why you can't post a picture in a For Sale forum
  3. Try some light reading: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/140130835X/ref=sr_11_1/102-4915831-7685717?ie=UTF8
  4. Originally posted by Dave Owens i got married and i missed the last 12 years...i went to the mall with the X last year...i was shocked at what passes for clothing...there is NO way i would let any kid of mine wear what these kids wear now...i dont give two {censored}s what Brittney or Madonna or any of the other sluts that are tv wear and what is in "fashion"...no {censored}ing way.... Madonna. Yeah, you did miss the last 12 years.
  5. Originally posted by ojgibbins I just ordered an YJM pup from GC to take advantage of their free shipping. I just breezed through the process and paid. I just looked at my email and they charge tax. Not just in one state but almost all states. Good job I didnt order a tube amp! I'd be down $100! Shame because I like GC but buying stuff online is all about avoiding tax for me. Isn't GC just Musicians Friend or vice-versa?
  6. Originally posted by brandonforeman I like how slipknot has 20+ members, and some of them just jump on the ground, and others hit kegs with baseball bats.. this "solo" is probably a trio cuz they have all those guys with their ridiculous "custom percussion". Also, any band that wears stupid looking masks makes me automatically hate them and my mind is closed so don't even try to convince me slipknot is good I kind of like how they kept everyone in the band. Seems like their friendship was more important than doing what might have been best from a commercial/$$$ standpoint. Don't like their music at all though.
  7. Originally posted by riffy That is cool... Cause to be honest, I don't give a {censored} what you think either;) I have no LOVE for them either, believe me. I truly don't but, I won't accuse ANYONE of theft until I have proof. I have had gear stolen and to me, there is NOTHING worse than a thief! NOTHING! It was your unfounded accusation of driver theft that I found distasteful. Gary After all the recent fun had at AOL's expense, I think everybody should buy one of these: http://www.radioshack.com/search/index.jsp?kwCatId=&kw=phone%20recorder&origkw=phone%20recorder I had to call up Delta yesterday to simply change my address. Went through 2 people in India, finally got someone here in the states, and ended up figuring out to change my address online without their help. Sat on a phone for 20 minutes just to change my address - ridiculous - and you could tell they couldn't give a {censored} one way or the other. I asked here wasn't she worried that I might be recording the call and it'd end up being a big deal like the AOL incident....silence..."I'm doing everything I can to help you." Never would have called them in the first place, except their website told me I had to.
  8. Originally posted by DirtyBird tool trying to profit off of the scammed? This is consumer retribution, and say what you want but the people that buy these shirts are actually going to get their merchandise! Donate the profits to a charity then. or Use the profits to buy as many Epi ZW guitars as possible and hold a raffle for it for everyone who got scammed.
  9. Something like a Roland GK3 with a midi interface and Sibelius will do that. The GK3 is a stick on pickup that sends what you're playing to the interface which turns it into midi, and sends it to your computer via USB. Sibelius understands midi, so you play, and Sibelius creates the sheet music as you go. Wouldn't be cheap though. There are also guitars that have those midi pickups built in - they're supposed to be more accurate than the add ons. Godin makes one, Fender makes a couple, not sure who else. But that'd be even more expensive. Figure: $200 for the pickup http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Roland-GK3-Guitar-Pickup?sku=700379 $400 for the interface http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Roland-GI20-GKMIDI-Interface-?sku=150094 $100 for Sibelius http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Sibelius-G7-Guitar-Tab-Notation-Software?sku=704170&src=3SOSWXXA And if you got something like Cubase or Reason, you could also use the guitar to trigger synth sounds - i.e. play your guitar, but it sounds like a piano. Add another $400 or so. Maybe these programs can create tabs? For $400 it seems like it shoukd, but not sure. Probably should mention that I haven't done any of this, just read about it. Sound very cool, but a bit too much $$$ for me. If you just want a program that you can load/write a tab into and have it play it as you play along that's way cheaper. The Sibelius program above will do that. I actually have Guitar Pro 5, even cheaper, although the guitar sound engine sounds pretty bad on my laptop. http://www.guitar-pro.com/en/index.php http://www.sibelius.com/products/g7/index.html
  10. http://forums.ipodlounge.com/showthread.php?t=2286 Above link is to iPod Lounge forums, specifically Windows Software. You can do pretty much anything you want as far as moving files to and fro with the right software. Here's one example that'll allow you to copy songs from your iPod to any PC. http://www.softpedia.com/get/IPOD-TOOLS/Multimedia-IPOD-tools/iDump.shtml iPod Lounge is a great site for iPod info.
  11. Originally posted by potaetoes yeah - high altitude training is perfectly legal, and actually high hemo levels are too - but if you have them and they accuse you of doping, you have no way to prove your innocence, which sucks. it's just there's no way to prove *how* high hemo levels were achieved, so their mere presence is suspect. theres so much inability to prove things on both sides, which is what is so frustrating about it. You can also sleep in a hyperbaric chamber to simulate high altitude. Which, AFAIK, is still legal.
  12. A pretty thorough explanation C'mon, you gotta cheat to ride up that
  13. http://www.tophatamps.com/king_royale.htm
  14. Originally posted by jeff mc I realize that, but dean has nothing to do with Zakk other than that they made Zakk a guitar as (the way i understand it) a tribute to dime. if people are going to boycott dean, then why don't we boycott lee jackson too, he made the metaltronix amps that zakk was using with ozzy 10+ years ago, or maybe jackson since zakk's wife bought him a rhoads v. i'm all for the boycott of businesses that are directly associated with zakk, and i got scammed too, but this is going a bit too far. I'm boycotting CTS, Switchcraft, & the Honduran logging industry. Those bastards owe me! edit: btw...according to the lawsuit there are 1600 orders, and conservativly most people ordered at least 2 on average, so were talking a boycott consisiting of 800 people. 800 person strong boycott! Gibson and Dean must be shaking in their boots. Esp. when half of them are from Slickdeals and wouldn't buy a guitar if it wasn't cheap enough to flip on eBay.
  15. That's a beautiful lattice - Martha Stewart would be proud.
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