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Hey all , has anyone put a "roller nut" on to any of their instruments , or have one that came "stock" , with one already there ?

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  • Hey all , has anyone put a "roller nut" on to any of their instruments , or have one that came "stock" , with one already there ?

    I don'tr have any with a thing like that on them , but I am contemplating obtaining one for a P93 Riviera thing , which I stuck a roller bridge on , which works kind of ok a little. On an instrument as such , do you think a roller nut would be appropriate ? or some type of graphite/lubricated nut thing ? Which do you believe might be more appropriate ? I'm thinking a roller, but ...maybe Ill try both , I have 2 of those things with a roller bridge ...hmmm What do you think ?

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    One, make sure it fits. Two, decide on whether you want to screw the thing into your neck, therefore added holes to the already weakest point of the neck. Three, or you can lube and slightly file your nut slots with a graphite pencil tip. Found that to be as effective.
    ‚ÄčAnd I always use a roller bridge, even on guitars without a trem. My Epi Casino, Gibson ES139 and Voodoo Paul all have them, and it helps with keeping tuning right.
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      OK , no , I do not want to drill any holes in the neck , at all , Thank you for the reply A Graphtech nut I guess might be a better thing on those things , I guess...thanks


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        A quick pass with a nut file, then work a pencil tip into the slot. Should fix that annoying "ping!" when tuning, and makes it easier to use a trem with.

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      I appreciate that... I use powdered molybdenum disulfide , just a little and that stuff works perfectly
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        I still got some old liquid graphite they used on Navy vessels back in the day, Pretty sure its illegal here in CA. these days. Screw Moonbeam Brown, stuff works like a champ.


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          Thread reminds me of the era of the Fender Deluxe Utra's that come stock with roller nuts. They were reviewed as a great nut on the "stability" aspect, but limiting to gauges 9-42. Doesn't sound like a bad compromise to me. I'm no SRV poser, I'm better off with some slink.
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            I did a roller nut on a Fender Strat neck. Talk about flushing tone down the toilet. I'd never do that again for any reason. Crappy cold steel tone is not my idea of an worthwhile upgrade.

            The one I installed had the dual ball bearing rollers used in many Fenders.

            The strings sat on two steel ball bearings so allot of tone transfer from the neck is lost and crappy steel tone is substituted. You have to trim the fret board back to install these so its a non reversible mod.

            I suggest you try a guitar with a roller nut before you try and install one and make sure its the tine you want.
            For me the benefits when using a tremolo weren't there and the tone loss compared to a conventional nut made it even worse. You'd be much better off with a Graphtec nut properly cut or just a standard bone properly lubed. I prefer Brass myself for the extra sustain, but steel? I'll pass.

            I've used many roller bridges too. They tend to be made of steel and often rattle. Unless you're using a Bigsby I'd pass on those too. If the grooves aren't U shaped sized to the strings on a nut or bridge you loose allot of tone.


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              thanks for taking the time to reply

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            Thanks for the reply's It sounds to me that a tusq or graphtech thing is the way to do what I want to do , give a bit more "stability" , to the things I want to be more stable . Thanks again


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              I like bone with pencil lead. Just got to make sure it fits and is filed right. Simple guy....
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                It seems to me that many recommend doing exactly that , so , I guess that works OK , maybe
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