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  1. Freeman, thank you for replying to my inquiry about that thing. Birch, well now, I learned a thing today maybe. I like that, about that, ya I do and thank you for replying , Now where might I locate an "unfinished" 1 with a similar "striation" that I may stain to do what 1 does to produce a nice thing as quite similar to the guitar in the photos. I have, at the present moment, no idea if a thing as such or somewhat similar may even be available like that maybe Any suggestion will be appreciated and thanks for any further comments pertaining to my inquiry. Indeed thank you anyone of replying about this particular subject
  2. I do not have any better photographs of it I should have kept it but it needed work, the internal braces buzzed ya they did. I traded it but kind of , in retrospect , I really should have gotten it repaired. I would like to obtain a "kit" of a similar thing, but do not even know where start looking What do you think ? anything ? [img2=JSON]{"data-align":"none","data-size":"full","src":"https:\/\/i.imgur.com\/yUCbSR0.jpg"}[/img2] it had a very nice "figured" effect of the grain on that thing. sorry for hurting your eye, but that is all I have to show you of that thank you for looking at it though
  3. I liked your performance, ya I did, very a lot of that ya I do, very
  4. [QUOTE=Phil O'Keefe;n32474682] How about Martin Gibsonfender? [/QUOTE] I didn't push the "like" button thing of that. You forgot of Epiphone. How could you do that of myself... how ? Crinkles Fentin Gibsoepiphoney ya maybe maybe I don't know maybe olo fml
  5. as I try to communicate, from at "here", that is how I refer to my area of residence. "here", without those things of this "" ,as I attempt to be clear and focused on the subject matter at hand and stuff maybe, well, that refers to HC , yes "here" is at myself and , here , that is HC, or a location that is not at "here". That of that is how I do that with that at now at here from "here" at now actually.. ya it is that of that from "here" about here. olo fml
  6. I will state my experience with prior iterations that were at around "here" at a place, a while ago that I tried of them for about 10 minutes each. I didn't put an amp on with them, I probably should have of that, but I didn't of them at then at there, then. Unplugged, the 2 I checked out, they were kind of dull, lacked sustain and didn't really ring out as I kind of wanted them to. Maybe it was that they are not a total acoustic thing and they may have been very most ok with an amplifier thing maybe. But, without 1 of them, in my opinion, they were kind of...meh, a little bit maybe, without an amp thing like that unplugged. Maybe they are supposed to be like that maybe and maybe the new 1s are not, I haven't had an opportunity, yet, to check a new issue of them. Maybe they are, and are supposed to be like that maybe maybe I don't know maybe.
  7. I looked at a Martin, there. That thing had a few dark marks in the top of it. I believe it was a thing named "bear claw", What is that ? Is that a kind of burl too maybe ? I do not know about that kind of thing on that too much, now..
  8. I like tremolo units on electric guitars. Yes, I do like that, and them on them, actually.
  9. the nice burl Ibanez is still there at the local pawn place "here". . It has been there few months. I have $500.00 from my "I stopped smoking and drinking" fund. I may ask the pawn man if they would do that or me, maybe. I have pawned a few things at there, but got them back after a while, at there, from them. So, I think they might do that maybe. They told me , the last time I used them that the thing was payed off, even though it kind of was only almost of that. Maybe after the 3rd maybe .And thanks everyone for the replies and stuff too.
  10. [h=1]Not Found[/h] The requested URL /electric/4549480806..but was not found on this server.
  11. I don't know, but I like the rh thing I obtained a while ago I like it a lot, a very lot;
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