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  1. Busk

    Asonix Nite-Owl

    An excellent option for a warm overdrive pedal. Toneful. Could use a little more gain, but not really a problem for me. I've been playing for 25 years and have a lot of nice guitars. My other favorite distortion pedal is my Ibanez SD-9 from 1984. It's great, but there is a little bleed through which relegates it to recording uses. I also enjoy the Big Muff.
  2. Busk

    Peavey TL-6

    A great bass. Killer bang for your buck on a USA-built piece. They didn't build so many of these, but I bet those new Cirrus's go pretty cheap used and are of similar quality.
  3. Busk

    Carvin SC90

    Not the cheapest of Carvin's, but beautiful and exactly what I wanted. They delivered the goods, and I have bought another Carvin since. I have many guitars: this one, an LP Standard, a '79 Strat, a Heritage 575 jazz that I had custom built, a Carvin Bolt-T and a couple of basses. Definately worth it.
  4. Busk

    Legend 30A 112 Combo

    Very nice piece. Very useful little amp with a good sound. I am attached to it now so I would probably never sell it. Even if I get another main amp, the Celestion 12 inch will make a great additonal cabinet. It's just cool. I may get a new amp soon and I am considering the all-tube offerings from the usual suspects, but no modeling amps. Probably couldn't replace it if I were to get ripped off.
  5. Busk

    Carvin Bolt-T Kit

    Been playing for about 20 years. I have a 79 hardtail strat, a 97 Les Paul Standard, a Carvin SC90, a Rick 4001 bass, a Hohner Steinberger copy, with a Heritage 575 being built. I'd get another one if this one was stolen or lost so I could put a better finish on it. I bought it because I wanted to put together the kit and have a quality instrument when I was done. For $550 in parts, it is a good deal for a new guitar.
  6. I have been playing for 20 years. It's a nice guitar sounds and looks good, but there are better values out there. I have always wanted a real LP standard. If I could choose again, I may have gone for an older one, maybe an early 80's. I think they were a little better made with a little more attention to detail. Also, they are a little more worked in. The next guitar I'll buy is probably going to be a semi-acoustic Heritage or Carvin Holdsworth Fatboy, maybe a used ES or a custom. We'll see what's at the shows.
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