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  1. Update: the guitar was finally located and delivered. I guess FedEx is more reliable than I thought…
  2. I built a Carvin Bolt once but I don’t think they do kits anymore. I sprayed it with nitro and could have done a better job, but it still plays and sounds great.
  3. I sold an awesome MIJ Blue Flower tele on Reverb. Shipped it FedEx and it never arrived. Buyer never got it. Tracking says delayed and FedEx told me it never left Hagerstown, MD. I opened a claim, but this is a somewhat expensive item, and it wasn’t dropped off at the delivery address and stolen. Will FedEx pay out, or will they just tell me to F off? I wonder if their employees routinely steal cool stuff like this. Anyway, I am highly pissed off about it especially because I shipped a more expensive Les Paul Standard about a month ago with FedEx and had no problems. How can they just lose or steal your stuff?
  4. I have to agree. That’s not cheap for a Korean guitar where production costs are very competitive. I think you are in the range of Kiesel/Carvin 7 strings at that price.
  5. I think the OP Might benefit from checking out some YouTube set up, tuning and guitar stability videos.
  6. I’d contact EVO. They may be interested in figuring out what happened and they might hook you up. Aren’t they supposed to be selling refrets that last forever or something like that?
  7. I remember when one of the guitar mags tried to make Brad Delson from Linkin Park pose for a spread like he was smashing a guitar, and he couldn’t do it, kept cracking up and looking like an 8 year old, so they just gave up trying. Not a huge fan of his music but liked that he was such a laid back dude that thought it was too silly to do.
  8. Yeah, I actually called Gibson and the serial number matches the year model and finish. Like a counterfeiter in the 90s would have bothered to do that...
  9. Also, when you pick up and play a real LPS vs a fake, it would have to be a pretty nice fake LPS in its own right to play and sound close. I don’t think anyone can do that for under $200, maybe $300. I think stock Agiles are OK but not quite an LPS. Epis are OK too, but they must cost $400 these days, and use some pretty obvious lower cost elements.
  10. I don’t have a problem with someone thinking it’s fake and expressing concern. That’s fine. It’s just insisting it’s fake no matter what. The particularly funny part was the guy said it is surely a fake because all Gibsons have the serial number and made in the USA stamped on the back of the headstock. My back of the headstock photo was not great but it’s clear when you see the actual instrument which I explained. Also it’s not clear because as one forum member pointed out, it’s stamped and then painted and lacquered over. So the guy comes back with “it’s still a fake.” So damn dumb....
  11. I’ve been pretty lucky on CL considering. Lotsa of moron scammers though, but their still pretty easy to identify.
  12. It’s on Reverb too. No fees or shipping on CL. I sold my Rick 4001 on CL. Dude drives 150 miles. Checks it out. Lays down the cash and takes it.
  13. Must be a sign of the times. Rather than simply saying he thinks something might be amiss, he accuses me of being in the guitar scamming business. Like he comes immediately with the unnecessary, misplaced outrage. What a tool.
  14. Guy sends me a message absolutely comvinced my LPS is a Chinese fake. It’s not. It’s a 97 Ive had for 20 years. It has none of the many, discussed elements you find on fakes. Everything is correct on it and of course the thing plays and sounds like it should, but the guy just wants to go on and on. I kept asking him for an apology. Finally, had to flag him. What’s wrong with people? I’m not even particularly motivated to sell the thing.
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