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  1. petal things are smiling ya they are
  2. cool I have but 1 Danelectro thing I like it ya i do
  3. At the 60th anniversary of these from about 8 years ago I broke the high E after exerting the tremolo unit for about 1/2 hour after using it then. I have not used it since then at being under my bed in the case, with a broken high E , since then olo fml
  4. I watched him 1 time at the Worcester Centrum with Jimmy Page and the Black Crowes many attendees left after the 1st thing they did at there, then ya they did
  5. My bud told me "Les Pauls are too heavy" I got him this chambered thing 6 years ago I may re-obtain it maybe maybe I don't know maybe
  6. Freeman, thank you for replying to my inquiry about that thing. Birch, well now, I learned a thing today maybe. I like that, about that, ya I do and thank you for replying , Now where might I locate an "unfinished" 1 with a similar "striation" that I may stain to do what 1 does to produce a nice thing as quite similar to the guitar in the photos. I have, at the present moment, no idea if a thing as such or somewhat similar may even be available like that maybe Any suggestion will be appreciated and thanks for any further comments pertaining to my inquiry. Indeed thank you anyone of replying about this particular subject
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