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Trying to sing while playing guitar.

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  • Trying to sing while playing guitar.

    Does anyone have suffer from this problem? I can sing pretty good and I can play guitar pretty good but the minute I try and do both I go completely mental.
    Typically I will butcher the guitar playing sometimes if I even think about singing.

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    Personally, I actually prefer to sing while playing guitar, since it helps to keep rhythm.

    It really depends. Depends on how difficult is the guitar part or vocal part. It's obviously tough or nearly impossible to play complex guitar parts while singing. If the guitar and vocals land on different beats then it might be extra tough. The best way is to keep the guitar playing as simple as possible, and mainly strumming chords. A complex part might be doable if you practice it a lot and deliberately practicing the music in small parts before trying the whole song, for example paying extra attention to when each beat is being played and go through it beat by beat.
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      I'm with davie. I prefer playing while singing. Among other things, it gives me something to do with my hands. Seriously, I'm just not an expressive singer that way and I even have to remind myself not to put my hands in my pockets. Also, I'm not a great guitarist so I don't play anything fancy anyway.
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        I can't do them both at the same time as well as I can do them by themselves..I'm ok if it's a simple rhythm but something like Wonderwall jwith a bit of a differnt strum pattern just throws me if I try to do both.


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          A lot of people say they struggle with the two together, I guess it's just a lack of experances and a lot more practice needed, tried it with the piano myself and had the same problem


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            Write the lyrics down if you need to and then place the chord that prompts singing them over the appropriate word or syllable.

            The coordination will come soon enough with focus. If memory serves, it took me a year to get fluid with finger picking and then another 6 months to coordinate playing and singing fluently. That was with a lot of time and ambition dedicated to learning. Stick it out and it will become 2nd nature.
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              agreed, it takes some time, but I was up and doing both in a couple of months. You will never get it if you give up, so you have to keep at it. I remember hearing Albert Lee comment on that while back, now he fronts his band, does the vocals and plays piano to boot. You just gotta put in the time.

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              Then again, for some of us it never comes together. I've been playing for nearly 50 years and singing for longer than that and I still can't fingerpick worth a darn. It's possible it sounds okay to non musicians but to my ear it just sucks. It's not a lack of trying, it's just not something I'm able to do.