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    Grew up one block from the Gulf of Mexico in Venice Florida. Started playing guitar using my sisters Sears Silvertone. It had no strings so I used various thickness’s monofiliment fishing line. Played that thing constantly but my parents didn’t realize how much I wanted to learn and did nothing to get me some formal instruction. Next guitar I bought after getting out of the Army. I still have that Yamaha FG430. I’m 60 now and it’s an full blown obsession. I’m still thrilled anytime I am able to learn something new.


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    South Florida West Coast


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    Music, Motorcycles, Any type of mechanical device. But I would be lying if I didn’t say that my wi


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    Mechanic and technical advisor, surgical technician and neighborhood irrigation repair man.

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  1. I feel terrible. I’ve been playing with my partner for a year or so but it’s starting to wear on me. Don’t misunderstand me his heart is huge and you’re hard pressed to try and not like him. Problem is that he never practices, makes no attempt to polish his playing, refuses to try and become proficient with the digital world and has zero ability to play a song using the proper rhythm and vocal timing. But he’s a wonderful person. I’ve no aspirations of achieving any sort of success as a musician. This is something that I do for enjoyment. Fact is, I find myself not having any fun. Thoughts or advice from all of you would be wonderful and respected.
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