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Best synth for gigging musician?

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  • Best synth for gigging musician?


    I could use the thoughts of some keyboard players here. I'm in an 80s tribute band (plus I dep with other bands playing different styles of music) and I need a synth to complement by Yamaha CP50 stage piano. It should have around 61 keys and have some quality range of sounds for organ, electric piano, pads, synth lead, brass and strings. So it should be versatile and an easy to use interface for storing and changing patches when playing live. I don't really want to go over a £1000 though

    Here are the one's I'm looking at. Would appreciate your thoughts on any of these plus any others I might have overlooked

    1) Roland Juno DS 61
    2) Yamaha MOXF6
    3) Korg Krome 61
    4) Nord Electro 6D 61

    Any thoughts?
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    How important is organ? I use a Roland VR-09 as a top board. You also might look at the Roland FA06, I have an FA-08 I keep in my studio. It is also the backup for my Kurzweil SP-6. Both of these Roland boards have a lot of top notch sounds and an easy to use interface. The VR09 has drawbars and a very good organ engine as well as synth, brass, pads an electric pianos. The FA-06 has over 2000 sounds and an excellent interface along with a sampler. I have owned the MOXF8 and I would not describe it as "easy to use".


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      I'm using a Krome 61 on top of my Roland FA08 and that works well for me in the modern pop/modern country/classic rock band I play in.


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        They all have great sounds IMO. Based partly on trying in stores but more so admittedly on what I've heard elsewhere, the Yamahas in general are not very user-friendly, the Korgs better but neither as good as the Roland, which would probably be my choice.


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          Kronos by far.
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