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  1. I'm sorry but I can't stand spin doctoring and making excuses for anyone, including an entire company, and that's all this is. This company has been mismanaged for a long time while their product line has been overpriced with lesser quality and poor customer service; they had it coming. And I couldn't care less how old the company is; totally irrelevant. PS, I wish their employees no ill will but have absolutely no financial or ethical responsibility to them, so telling me to support this company to help them get along is absurd. PS #2, I am hardly rich myself, so I go where I get the best bang for my buck. If that's a Gibson, great; if not, I'm buying elsewhere, so let's put away the violins. If Gibson wanted more business, they should have managed the company better and made a better product for a better price.
  2. Posted a response but I think it got lost. argh. Anyway, my request would be a 2-parter, for LDCs and dynamics, respectively. My offhand cut on 5 each might go and in no order (this could change tomorrow): LDCs sE X1A (and/or the X1S, but the A is better bang/buck IMO) Behringer C1 (again: bang/buck) MXL 67G (kinda bang/buck but honestly just a great mic regardless) AKG 220 Sennheiser 609 Dynamics Shure 57 Shure 57 Beta (supercardioid) Sennheiser 835 Sennheiser 845 (supercardioid) GLS 58 (once more: bang/buck for the truly cash-strapped)
  3. No comments? Is everyone but me rich? A fine list. I'd love to see you do an under $250 one.
  4. Beat me to it. I'd toss Gaucho in there too. Someone probably mentioned this one too, but Billy Joel - The Stranger, 52d St, Glass Houses. I think he is in a 3-horse race with the Dan and the Beatles for consecutive excellent albums, but that's the best 3 in a row from him. Even among my fav artists, I can't think of anyone else who can rival that kind of streak. Pat Metheny maybe, if we extend across all genres.
  5. lol - touche. I did write a song about/for someone once many years ago and it was good, with a line or two in fact that were great and I wish I hadn't wasted on her because now they are just that, wasted. I don't even have or remember all the lyrics any more and just as well. The current situation is quite different, however. In my wildest delusions I hope to have an album all about her, but far far easier said than done. Just completing one SONG is hard for me (as I am not what I would call a "real" musician, just a hobbyist).
  6. It's still way overdone IMO. What I call the "mic eaters" even when it doesn't make sense One sound guy I knew had some success mitigating it in the studio by going "look it's a mic not a penis" lol (mostly the guys backed off a bit after that)
  7. These are 2 of the few I've tried that I didn't like...Synth1 I can't get past the ridiculous 80s look and feel, which is dumb, it shouldn't matter, working on that...and Dexed I just thought brought nothing special at all to the table and I thought the presets were weak (preset jockey here). I'll have to re-look at the EP and harmonica. I have no problem having a "niche" soft synth for a particular sound.
  8. No. Cakewalk isn't a plugin, it's a DAW.
  9. Sorry I didn't reply sooner. I tried Cakewalk and found it unfriendly as hell. I suggest trying Reaper or Mixcraft (my DAW of choice); they both have free trials and are very inexpensive if you decide to buy.
  10. Mostly the usual, my beloved and/or my life in general. But a fair % are general and/or hypothetical, i.e. not about any real person or experience.
  11. Phooey. Granted it's limiting but it can be done. I'm doing it, albeit with a small # of tracks at the moment. And I would certainly not recommend it to anyone about to buy a PC, agreed 8GB at least. Anyway... Shockingly I'm not doing any of those things, although using plugins properly is always a work in progress. IMO the most common mistake is using too many or using them too heavily. More isn't better.
  12. If only we all had such luxury. For most of us you're lucky if you can audition diff mics at all let alone in a truly meaningful way.
  13. Probably not, unless you're doing some crazy intensive stuff. USB 2 still gives most people more than enough bandwidth. Thunderbolt's real selling point seems to be better latency, but again it's unlikely you're ever notice a diff unless you're doing crazy big things.
  14. No, and neither does Ample stuff. Soft synth, not guitar/drum VSTi. (I agree about both being good though)
  15. Which is relevant because....... Glad to see this. My question is how well will it be enforced? Also an admittedly trivial side note but ...they had people like Sam Moore and Jeff Baxter in attendance and instead decided to single out or "highlight" a schlep like Kid Rock? Seriously?
  16. A budget was not mentioned. Makes quite a diff. Frankly most of the stuff you guys are talking about cost more than I care to spend, esp when IMO I can get as good or extremely close to it for much less...
  17. Off the top for me: FB3300 EZKeys Absynth Eyeing Zebra and Serum which I hear good things about. Need good presets though (which is why Massive will never make my list). Also this does not include "specialty" synths which are not really general, broad synths but have a niche sound etc.
  18. Agreed, it may be a fine unit for what it is, but never got the appeal of such things either. I'd rather be "in the box" with a soft synth and MIDI controller or just a full-up workstation/synth keyboard.
  19. Yeah foam caps are IMO about as useful as a kickstand on a tank in most cases, in all cases for studio use; for a live performance on a windy day maybe, about it.
  20. It's featured in Don Henley's "Sunset Grill," as well as The Firm's "Someone to Love." It's I think largely technique (any particular name for it?) but wondering if there's a particular bass (or even a common MIDI bass setting) that is used?
  21. You can, but why? To each their own I guess, but I will never understand plagiarizing and pretending it's not. My stuff may not be great, but it has to at least be mine... anyway... For my lyrics are far easier, but I am a writer and while I know some basics, by no means a musician, so both coming up with and then figuring out how to play the music is far harder. I have a ton of lyrics, but few with the music worked out.
  22. Nah don't expect him to sing like he did when was 30, but I'd hope he knows when his voice is gone and not to look the other way but adjust accordingly (e.g. increased stereo tricks to mask it or simply let someone else sing his songs). Ya gotta know when to say when. I can imagine the people in the studio exerting no small amount of will power by lying with "sounded great Paul!" etc.
  23. I don't...but I previewed the tunes on Amazon. Mixed feelings generally...his voice is shot though, hard to listen to, and a sad state of affairs. God knows he's entitled at his age, just a shame, IMO the greatest rock vocalist ever in his day.
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