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  1. I'm sorry but I can't stand spin doctoring and making excuses for anyone, including an entire company, and that's all this is. This company has been mismanaged for a long time while their product line has been overpriced with lesser quality and poor customer service; they had it coming. And I couldn't care less how old the company is; totally irrelevant. PS, I wish their employees no ill will but have absolutely no financial or ethical responsibility to them, so telling me to support this company to help them get along is absurd. PS #2, I am hardly rich myself, so I go where I get the be
  2. Posted a response but I think it got lost. argh. Anyway, my request would be a 2-parter, for LDCs and dynamics, respectively. My offhand cut on 5 each might go and in no order (this could change tomorrow): LDCs sE X1A (and/or the X1S, but the A is better bang/buck IMO) Behringer C1 (again: bang/buck) MXL 67G (kinda bang/buck but honestly just a great mic regardless) AKG 220 Sennheiser 609 Dynamics Shure 57 Shure 57 Beta (supercardioid) Sennheiser 835 Sennheiser 845 (supercardioid) GLS 58 (once more: bang/buck for the truly cash-strapped)
  3. No comments? Is everyone but me rich? A fine list. I'd love to see you do an under $250 one.
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