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    Quote Originally Posted by Rich
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    The dealer thought it might have been fake too, but he checked the number on the back of the headstock and it is a legitimate gibson. The first three frets are going to need reshaping, as the former owner seems to have masters G,C,D chords.

    I'm original owner of mine, although it was an in-store demo for a year or two before my Mom bought it for me at a large discount off normal price. I had it re-fretted long ago, but miraculously (considering its age) it has no need of a neck re-set. There is some "crazing" in the finish and the red color on the top as well as the red-brown color on the hog back has faded slightly over the years, but overall it has aged very gracefully (unlike its owner ).

    I too have always been amazed by how light this guitar is, as compared with other dreads. And I love its sweet dark tone, which has become more full and balanced over the years.

    I'm sure you will fall deeply in love if you haven't already. Congrats on a great find.
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      Quote Originally Posted by Opa John
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      Can't go one day without learning something around here. I've always thought all Gibson Hummingbirds had the split trapezoid fret markers and two screws in the truss rod cover. I would've probably thought that one was a fake if I'd seen it hanging on the wall somewhere. Live and learn, I guess.

      I actually "passed" on a Hummingbird clone that was immaculate (and dirt cheap) simply because it had rectangular fret markers. Saw it on craigslist just a couple of weeks ago. Now I know.....thanks for posting that. You got a great deal, BTW.

      Correction.......I meant to say "parallelogram".....not "trapezoid", but I know you guys knew what I meant. So don't laugh at me. You'll be old someday yourself.......if you're lucky!!
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        One of my favorite Gibsons -nice guitar !


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          Most guitars I bring home only live here temporarily, but I'm still loving this one.


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            Congrats on the new old Hummingbird, Rich !



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              Here's a better picture

              ...and my wife got me a kegorator with a keg of sirra nevada summerfest beer.


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                Is that reflection of the silhouette of the nude hottie your wife?
                I'm just sayin'

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                  Huzzah muchos Goats to you.
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                    Was it double X braced that year?
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                      Was it double X braced that year?

                      Not sure. This guitar isn't particularly loud, but it sounds really pretty and the notes sustain really nice. I read somewhere that gibson changed the bracing in this particular model year and it adversely affected tone. I stuck a k&k pure western in it and plan on using it live, as it sound pretty good through our pa.