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  1. Perhaps mellower is not what I mean to say, and I am certainly talking about playing plugged in. My J45 is rather brash plugged in, the new guitar has more of a true acoustic sound plugged in. Here are two recording I did earlier today with the new guitar.
  2. I love the sound. To me, it is a bit more mellow than the J45. The K & K mini pickup sounds much more natural to me than the pickups in the Gibson and Epiphone guitars. I am going in to the studio later today (I hope) and will provide some sound clips when I can.
  3. After finally getting the Gibson a couple of years ago, I thought I was set. Right... In April I met Devon Macrae at the New England Folk Festivals selling hand-made guitars, mandolins, and other stringed instruments. I fell in love with his instruments and commissioned him to build one for me. The body is cherry, made from wood that has been in his family's barn for over 100 years. The top is Alaskan spruce, and he installed a K and K mini pickup. It is so beautiful to play and sounds wonderful.
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