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  1. Yamaha, Seagull, possibly Breedlove. It’s been a while since I’ve paid attention to Breedlove, though, so I don’t know if their entry level instruments fall into that price ranged. Maybe used.
  2. I was blessed with re-admittance recently myself. I’ve been slow to post, though. I think for me, it’s mostly that I don’t participate in forums as much. IT wasn’t some big decision I made, I just noticed at one point that I don’t visit forum sites like I used to. Trying to refocus here.
  3. Nay from me, but YMMV. If you get a good one, the sound is passable, but I can’t get used to the round back, and I’ll admit to having a prejudice against plastic on a guitar.
  4. Mine. Although the player stinks.
  5. This. Most new guitar players start on lower cost instruments and don’t know about the benefits of a good set up. Having said that, all of us here completely understand that sometimes you just want a new guitar. Try the Taylor’s, but also check out the Breedlove discovery or pursuit series. Breedloves have a wider string spacing that helps those of us with ten thumbs. You may find more bang for the buck from Breedlove, because you’re not paying for the name. Much. Eastwood’s are also excellent guitars.
  6. That’s a great story. I live in Kentucky and read an article on it a while back. They are in the middle of the Appalachian mountains, and bluegrass music is their lifeblood. Also, “Troublesome Creek” is a great name for a town (actually I think it’s unincorporated land within the county.)
  7. I survived it. She, my daughter, and 3 year old grand daughter we’re gathered in the kitchen when I told her. I had already gone through steps 1&2. I’m sure she knew what was coming, having been through this exercise before. Her response was (almost verbatim) ”oh really? That’s nice. By the way, we are going shopping (wife and daughter) and we need you to watch Vivian today. Everybody wins.
  8. Some years ago I bought a guitar from a guy who lives in the area. He gave me very specific instructions on where to park, and which door to knock on when I arrived. He had me park in front of the neighbor’s house and walk through some trees to a side door that entered his garage. He opened the door and we walked through the garage into the basement. I bought the guitar at a great price. I asked him why I basically had to sneak in. He said his wife has no idea how many guitars he owns and he did not want her to find out. If she knew he was selling one, but still had the couple that she knew about, he would get in trouble. Ha. Oh, and he was selling the guitar I bought so he could buy a Taylor T5.
  9. I used that excuse for years, until I gave up playing live. This time, I have a three step strategy. 1. Tell her “in passing” that I have a slight twist in the neck of my Takamine, which is true. I’ve never had mire than three guitars at a time, and I was always careful to make sure she knew the differences. 2. Tell her I need to buy a new one. She’s been with me long enough to know that there’s a difference between wanting a guitar that I like, and “needing” one. 3. explain why I had to go ahead and buy, because I got a heck of a deal from year end specials. This step will be today or tomorrow.
  10. Allegedly. I’m supposed to pick up the new Martin OME Cherry. Fingers crossed. Oh, I haven’t exactly shared the good news with the wife yet. Still working on a strategy.
  11. We’ll see. After I made the original post here I checked his FB page and there was a different guitar as his profile photo. I’ve asked him if he finally got a guitar, but haven’t yet heard back.
  12. Re the Yamaha versus Roland synths, Yamaha is as good or better than most. Just like their acoustic guitars, they generally dominate the price point. When I finally quit gigging, I got rid of all of my keyboards and synths. I decided to buy a digital piano for home use. I decided that I would like some expanded functionality, more presets, some sequencing, etc. The unit that beat checks all the boxes for me is the Yamaha DGX-660. It’s an amazing instrument for under $800. Several hundred voices, effects, sequencing, etc. It’s hard to go wrong with a Yamaha keyboard. You and I have similar guitar habits. MyTak steel string is probably low middle in terms of quality and sound. It’s guitar that was bought to be knocked around at bars and restaurant patios. Also like you, I play the Breedlove nylon plugged in quite a bit. I guess for me at least, the process of buying cheap and hoping for a million dollar sound is an evolutionary process. Getting the most for the least is something we all do. Heck, I could buy the Clapton 000 Martin for a little under $4000, but it seems unnecessary. In a year or two or five, the difference may be worth it to me. But for now the OME is the sweet spot of cost and quality.
  13. Yeah, there are a lot of gear collectors around. I have an old friend who first decided he wanted to learn to play guitar, so he Bought a D-28 and as far as I know has yet to take it out of the case. It’s been 10 years that I know of. He later decided that he would learn to play piano. He went to a local store and spent $7000 on a top of the line Roland and a small PA system to play it through. Believe it or not, he is a very intelligent guy. Not a gear collector so much as someone who sees no reason to buy junk. The Roland was overkill, even for him. There are any number of great digital pianos that would have been far better for him, but unfortunately, I guess the guy in the store only sold Roland and needed the money. I haven’t seen the guy in a couple of years, but I’d be surprised if he did still have the equipment unused in his house. I forgot to address the silk purse thing. Yes. I spent a long time convincing myself that I could find great guitars for $500-$700. Like most of the Breedloves I owned. They were very good guitars at their price point. I had to finally figure out for myself that I wouldn’t be satisfied until I bought a real guitar. I gigged for years with a midrange Tak. Still have it. It’s fine for the loud small bar crowd, but like the rest, it doesn’t satisfy me. Ive seen a lot of folks on forums like this talk about the amazing sounds they get out of their (fill in the blank) guitar. I did the same thing. At the end of the day, a good guitar is going to cost what a good guitar costs.
  14. I’d go so far as to say there really is very little reason to buy anything other than Yamaha until you get past the $500 price point. And probably a little past that as well.
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