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  1. Thanks guys for the advice. A couple days ago I ordered the LD Systems Maui11 g2
  2. Thanks to all for the great advice and suggestions. I THINK I have it narrowed down to the Maui 11 G2, or the Bose L1 Pro 8. All things being equal, I would most likely buy the Bose, but I can’t be sure that the Bose will be loud enough cover 60-100 people sitting on a restaurant patio. the specs say it produces a max of 118dB to the Maui’s 124, but who knows whether that is accurate or not.
  3. I gave up gigging a few years ago because I was burned out, but partly because set up and tear down took so much time. I’m lazy and like to get to bed before 3am. The column is awfully seductive to me. Still, I don’t want to have to sell an insufficient stick and get a more traditional set up later. I’d prefer to do this once.
  4. Thanks! I talked with salesmen at Sweetwater and MF, and both told me I needed 2 of those to reach 100 people in close setting outdoors. I realize I need more outdoors (restaurant patio or winery type venue,) but I didn’t think I needed two. Riley, what sold the ip 2000 to you? I think the wattage on the ip1000 is the same, and the spl on the 2000 is just a few decibels above the 1000. I should add, we are two guitars and two voices.
  5. I am posting this here, because I will be half of an acoustic duo, playing restaurants, restaurant, bar, and winery outdoor patios. Id prefer to spend under $1000 on a PA system. I have made myself dizzy looking at every column array or small traditional PA. I’ve asked two of the online stores about various array systems, with a peak wattage of 800-1400 watts. The salespeople at both stores told me I would probably need 2 (!) of them. What do you think? Why would I need two? Small traditional PAs, mixer and two speakers on a stick, wattage seems to be from 400-600watts. for an outdoor event with 100 people, what would you use?
  6. I was a sort of regular here a few years ago. I lurked a lot more than I posted. Glad to be back. I mostly play a Martin OME Cherry or a Breedlove Solo Nylon hybrid. Looking for a portable PA system and hopefully another player to do some gigs in or around Louisville KY. Looking for any and all suggestions on which portable PA. Looking at a Turbosound iP1000 and a few others.
  7. A friend of mine who plays solo gigs, all instrumental (no vocals) swears by his and he’s a pedal head. I think I will pick one up. If/when, I’ll report back. thanks!
  8. Yes or no? Show your work. 😉
  9. I’m way late in reporting back, but I bought the Martin OME and love it. No regrets and I got it for $400 less than asking. It supposedly has a blemish, but neither I, nor the Salesman, nor a guitar tech could find it. In my mind, if I don’t see it, it doesn’t exist. I’m looking for a tower system. Either the low end Bose L1, the LD Maui 5, or maybe the 600 watt Turbosound. Possibly, but less likely, the boss S1 or turbosound inspire 300 as well. many thoughts or opinions?
  10. I literally had never heard of this guitar maker until yesterday. I’ve only heard YouTube demos on my phone, but they sound good in general, and amazing for the price. when I Recover from the Martin purchase I recently made, I may well pick one of these up as a daily knock-around-er.
  11. Yamaha, Seagull, possibly Breedlove. It’s been a while since I’ve paid attention to Breedlove, though, so I don’t know if their entry level instruments fall into that price ranged. Maybe used.
  12. I was blessed with re-admittance recently myself. I’ve been slow to post, though. I think for me, it’s mostly that I don’t participate in forums as much. IT wasn’t some big decision I made, I just noticed at one point that I don’t visit forum sites like I used to. Trying to refocus here.
  13. Nay from me, but YMMV. If you get a good one, the sound is passable, but I can’t get used to the round back, and I’ll admit to having a prejudice against plastic on a guitar.
  14. Mine. Although the player stinks.
  15. This. Most new guitar players start on lower cost instruments and don’t know about the benefits of a good set up. Having said that, all of us here completely understand that sometimes you just want a new guitar. Try the Taylor’s, but also check out the Breedlove discovery or pursuit series. Breedloves have a wider string spacing that helps those of us with ten thumbs. You may find more bang for the buck from Breedlove, because you’re not paying for the name. Much. Eastwood’s are also excellent guitars.
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