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Asking the tough question......touchy subject > "Black" or "White" ?


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  • Asking the tough question......touchy subject > "Black" or "White" ?

    Burn-Burst Proto.......

    Pickguard choice............

    NOT asking for opinions on the "Half-Guard" like or hate it,thats how I roll on my single pickup stuff..........but what ya all think,Black or White ?

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    I'd go white if any at all. Shame to cover that up though.....
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        Black .
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            I usually prefer for black or tort, but on that one I have to go with white. Awesome finish
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                That guitar has a beautiful finish. I don't like either. Have you considered pearloid?
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                  black, definitely. it works with the pickup cover, and plays well with the darkened edged of the body. the white conflicts, in my opinion, whereas the black compliments.
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                    That guitar has a beautiful finish. I don't like either. Have you considered pearloid?

                    Just not a Pearloid guy.........I've tried,just not my thing.

                    What ya guys think with the Burn-Burst ?

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                    Rounds of lacquer comin' so this finish is gonna pop a bit more.


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                      What ya guys think with the Burn-Burst ?

                      I think it looks great! I like the black p/g better.


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                        I prefer black, but really, it's like five tiny screws. You could change the pick guard between sets if you felt like it.

                        I like the burn burst, neck could use a bit more 'character' though.

                        Roast some maple, dude.
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                          Great burst! I like the black best.


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                            Of those choices, black.

                            A tortoise or more parchment-y thing might work too. Just don't think the bright white fits with the wood tones & black p'up.

                            Digging the finish work though
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                              both look good as would tort...

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