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Best Guitar Cable out there? In your opinion!


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    Inexpensive, lifetime warranty, last forever, made in America. The original. Whirlwind leader


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      I use the red ones coz they give the best tone. Black ones are dull, and yellow ones make my nose bleed.


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          BUY this MTHS Guitar Player there is an EXCELLENT Shoot Out of Guitar Cables. You'll be very surprized at the cables that ACTUALLY are GOOD. Monster does make ONE great cable. But I believe it $140. for a 15ft section.

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            i don't give emphasis on cables because i buy new ones every two months but i use warwick. I just want them to be long.


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              they have been better than anything i have had since the 70`s

              I like those too, as soon as I saw a pic of that cable I knew it was gonna be the one and the reviews were great too. What's not to like ?
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                115pF/m is not low capacitance - Klotz La Grange is 69pF/m.

                Don't forget to divide those numbers by 3.2...Klotz is about 30 pF/ft the other is about 36 pF/ft - not a huge difference...

                Having hands on experience with a significant number of cable brands, I have found that the "sweet spot" for capacitance is in the 20-30 pF/ft range. But capacitance is just one factor of many that determine the overal sonic qualities of a given cable...

                So ideally for a 20' cable you want total capacitance to be around 600 pF +/- 5%
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                  2) learn how to solder, best way to make cables and thats what everyone told me to do as well.

                  I'm down with all this, but, I would rather be playing then soldering and making cables. So I just spend the money and buy them.

                  I like the DiMarzio cables, but I honestly believe that the cable is a second order effect. Amp, effects, fingers, guitar, strings, pickups, I consider those first order effects.

                  Any quality cable will do fine for me, so far. I have not found a difference that a bit of EQ could not fix. If I can even tell the difference.


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                    I am looking to get the best of the best in Guitar Cable, 20 ft. with Gold Plated, anybody having great success with a certain brand right now. And I ned one with a Lifetime Warranty! Please let me know, email me at: tmd187@psu.edu or PM with your vote! thanks

                    Check out Lava cables. That guy guy has all kinds of "boutique" brands for some cash.

                    Me......a low noise cable with Neutric or Switchcraft connectors works great and is all I need.


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                      I am looking to get the best of the best in Guitar Cable, 20 ft. with Gold Plated, anybody having great success with a certain brand right now. And I ned one with a Lifetime Warranty! Please let me know, email me at: tmd187@psu.edu or PM with your vote! thanks

                      Frick dude ... just get a decent cable. They're supposed to eventually break, thats what they do. Buy a cheaper cable & a spare and you're good to go. I've been using this one for a while ... I'm all about the vintage look of coily cords (ps - IMHO, a molded end is far better than ANY mechanically fastened end) --->

                      PS - they are really loose - not stiff like most coil cords.
                      PSS - Fender makes a pro grade coily in this same model that is about twice as much if it would make you feel better.


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                        I just ran into this dilemma. Here are my impressions:

                        1. 20' Canare GS-6 cable with Neutrik ends (homebrew)- I really like these. They give my instruments a rich, dark feeling. Unfortunately, they round out a bit of the top end as well. Great for rhythm work, for bass and for acoustic. Really no irritating qualities other than the jacket seems a bit susceptible to cutting. I built these for $25 a cable with silent plugs.

                        2. 18.5' Whirlwind Leader Elite- GREAT ends, strain relief. Very durable braided shell. These have tons of "cut", very good for bringing out articulations in a muddy or too dark instrument. Too harsh for a bright instrument (i.e. tele) or an acoustic. They are very difficult to coil, even when you do it right. I stole these off eBay for ~$10 a piece.

                        3. 20' Monster Performer 500- This used to be my "go to" cable, until the homebrew came along. Big, thick cable; big, thick connectors (though, strangely, the connectors don't appear to be the same quality of the Whirlwind, the Neutrik, or the G&Hs). These have a noticeable midrange dip, and the tone's kind of "dirty". It's hard to explain, but I can tell I'm not getting an absolutely pure signal when I A/B it with my other cables. Overall the tone is fairly balanced, but "muffled" and not very pleasant to listen to in comparison to the other three. Decent for all-round type stuff, but for the price, I'd look into Whirlwind or having Lava Cable solder you up a Canare GS-6 set. I bought this for $40. pwnt.

                        4. 15' Lava Cable ELC- I have two of these, one with a right angle G&H plug, one with two Neutrik straight plugs. Yes, I bought into the hype. Yes, I'm satisfied (mostly). They're very, very sturdy, well built cables, and the construction is IMMACULATE. If you ever want to feel badly about your soldering skills, unscrew the end of one of this guy's right angle connectors (the straight ones are 100% sealed). Top-notch. My problem comes in the tone. Don't get me wrong, it's great to hear every nuance I've never heard in my playing before, but it's not so great hearing all those sloppy little shortcuts I've been taking. The tone is fairly even, with a bit more treble and mids than the Canare, more bass than the Whirlwind and crystal clear signal transference. I use these in every situation I'm not looking for a specific tone. $60, and a good buy. Never thought I'd say it.

                        In short:

                        1. Lava Cable ELC- all-rounder with excellent balance and clarity > $60 for 15' (lavacable.com)
                        2. Canare GS-6- great, rich rhythm cable, questionable durability > $25 for 20 ft. (homebrew) or $33 for 20' (lavacable.com)
                        3. Whirlwind Leader Elite- good "cut", durable but difficult casing > ~$30 for 18.5' (eBay)
                        4. Monster Performer 500- great warranty, dirty signal > $40 for 20' (anywhere, but don't)

                        Don't let anyone tell you cables don't make a difference; they do. The difference between the Whirlwind and the Canare is stark.

                        I'd recommend this guy 100/100. He's great, and his prices are reasonable: http://www.lavacable.com/
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                          Posted from another thread.
                          Thanks, very informative.


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                            Am I the only Whirlwind Leader user???

                            I'd'a joined you if I coulda FOUND one'a the bastards ...

                            Went into the West End of London specifically to buy one of those woven-cloth-wound Leaders ... no-one had one. Ended up with a rubbery Planet Waves cable instead ...

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                            everyone has different gear and stuff like this tends to be quite subjective.

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                            ..........2) learn how to solder, best way to make cables and thats what everyone told me to do as well.

                            ..........so far the market deems that monster and mogami are the dominators for ultimate cable quality, however, ignorance is bliss. i'm not saying they arent good, but they are way too over the top for ANYONE. go grab some Conquest cable ........ voila, superior cables, and it only cost you 1/4 of the price of ONE 20ft Mogami cable. pm if you need any other details, peace.

                            I agree 100 percent that the best way to have the best cable is to make it yourself. A great cable from great parts (Belden/CBI cable and G & H plugs) will cost you about $25 for a 20-footer.

                            But if you don't have the skill to make one yourself, this is where my rap about small companies comes in.

                            Radio Shack sells a $100 Monster cable for $200. (A Monster Cables confidential memo leaked to the web confirms this.) I'm sure everyone here knows about music retailing. That cable cost Monster MAYBE $25 to make. So a $25 cable ends up going for $200 because of Monster's markup.

                            So what does this have to do with the little guy? It's the next best way to get a $200 cable for cheap. The little company will make a cable using the best parts, and mark up the cable ONE TIME to make an okay profit. He'll mark up that $25 cable to say $35 or $40.

                            Just like the Death Valley Cable Company that I was talking about before. Excellent CBI cable, excellent workmanship, excellent sound, EXACT same excellent G & H plugs as a $155 Zaolla cable. But Death Valley cables charges $35 for the whole cable.

                            Like I said, go with the little company (if you can't make 'em yourself). Or bend over and pay $100-$150 for a $25 cable, just like other posters are pointing out.


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                              I wouldn't put your email all together like that on a public forum, it's like telling junk email you want the IM ERCT FOR 9 HAWT SLUTZ CAM emails. I bought a couple of 4 dollar chinese made instrument cables at a pawn shop and they've been working just as good as my monster cable or my fender "california" cable. Kinda wish I had a braided cable though for the flexibility. I like patch cables too, they are handy and cheap to replace for different utilities.
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