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  1. Don't clip your strings. Wiggle them. That way you won't have sharp bits sticking out.
  2. They get a big pile of blanks, pick out a few of them and call them "select".
  3. walfordr

    Burns Marquee

    Playing for 25 years. If you want an alternative to a strat that has a wider, flatter neck then take a look. I'd get another one if I needed to.
  4. Originally posted by onbongos i always thought iommi used thimbles No Bill Ward played the dwums.
  5. Originally posted by AunShui The only thing I can think of would be to apply crazy glue to your finger tips, then let it dry for about a minute. It should form a hard shell that will keep your fingers happy and bloodless, plus it flakes off in a few days or can be removed quickly with nail polish remover or a similar chemical. This is a good way to shorten your life expectancy. Seriously, go and ask a doctor what he recommends.
  6. I think a doctor would be more able to help with your problem. Probably can't do much for your fingers but I'm sure he could prescribe something to help your guts.
  7. Originally posted by Fusion1 A tele is a tele whether it has a humbucker in it or not. I completely agree. And a Framus is a Framus whether it has a body shaped a lttle bit like a Tele or not.
  8. Originally posted by Fusion1 I was going to post pictures of that Framus Tele from Lamb of God. Kind of ironic the poster names Lamb of God as a band unlikely to use a tele and thats exactly what he DOES use... ironic... Kind of ironic that even though you know it's a Framus Renegade you also think it's a Tele.... ironic....
  9. Originally posted by Ramm I saw Audioslave last summer and Tom Morello was sporting a black tele that sounded awesome Here is pretty cool list of muscians that use tele's. List of Telecaster Players This list is poorly defined, permanently incomplete, or has become unverifiable or an indiscriminate list or repository of loosely associated topics.
  10. Originally posted by Teahead This is a great thread and the perfect place for me to pose this question... I'd like to visit a nice town or city in Holland, having visited Amsterdam quite a few times. I want somewhere a little quieter, perhaps slightly more relaxed... But, it should still have some life about it. I'm not looking for clubs, just a selection of nice coffee shops & bars. A red light district would be a bonus too, although I am going with my girlfriend, keep that in mind! So, where do you guys suggest? Also, please try to keep our train journey from Schipol to a reasonable length. Many thanks! Haarlem is nice. It's also only about 20 minutes from Schipol and Amsterdam so when you get bored you can go back to Amsterdam. Be aware the rest of the Netherlands is not a bit like Amsterdam (which is the only place where the Red Light District is worth visiting unless you need to do business). Utrecht is also OK.
  11. Originally posted by henk Yes...and? katenspek en roggebrood
  12. Originally posted by henk Snert (Pea soup) http://www.netlingo.com/right.cfm?term=SNERT
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