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let's see the guitar you've had the longest


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  • let's see the guitar you've had the longest

    electric guitar of course


    and clips would be great


    this is mine... think i've had it for about 10 years




    g&l tribute asat classic... from back when they were made in korea


    this guitar has been the reason other guitars have been sold... eg. when i had my suhr strat i dug it, but i sold it because i liked the asat more... a lot more (i'm probably about to sell my pacifica 611 for the same reason)

    it's the most ballsy single coil tele i've ever played... and it plays GREAT... all i've had done is had a bone nut put in, and a pro setup

    the other thing i love about it is it sounds great with the volume rolled back... you don't lose the highs like on many other guitars... i can have one setting on an amp and get all the tones i need just by using the guitar's conrols

    i freakin' LOVE this guitar

    i've recorded it a lot but i'll do a fresh clip and post it here over the next few days


    so let's hear about the one you've stuck with



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    Aria Pro II Fullerton 2.jpg

    My first guitar, an Aria Pro II Fullerton.  When people talk about Aria gear being good and sought-after, I chuckle, because this thing doesn't measure up to that.  I realize that those people are talking about MIJ Arias, but first impressions are what they are.

    Anyway, I played on this thing for a few years, and it finally crapped out.  The frets are dented pretty badly, especially in first position where I did most of my learning, and the pickups would make the most horrendous microphonic feedback.  They were the type of pickups that you could talk through, and your voice would come through the amp good enough that you could totally understand what you're saying. 

    Aria Pro II Fullerton 1.jpg

    I picked up a Red Lace dual pickup on ebay maybe 8 years ago, hoping that a new pickup might give some life back to the guitar.  The humbucker was the worst for noise and feedback (go figure) so that's why I replaced it.  I liked the chrome ring that goes around the Lace, so I screwed that onto this guitar.  The original humbuker fell apart once it was removed from the guitar.  My dad did the wiring, and while the pickup sounds good full on, when you switch the splitter switch, it seems to go out of phase or something (sounds really thin and wrong).  I didn't know about wiring back then, so I was no help.  I never went back in to fix it.

    The guitar is an intonation nightmare, and it only has sentimental value at this point.  I sometimes think about going back to it and upgrading it, but I never have.  I'm not sure it would be worth it.

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      My Epiphone S-310, I've had it for about 20 years. It's got a Mighty Mite loaded pickguard with an SD Hot Rails in the bridge, a GFS Wilkinson "Fits all Strats" whammy, Gotoh tuners and an aftermarket pickguard from pickguards.us

      Epi S-310.jpg



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    • gardo
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      '51 Epiphone Zephyr Regent that I bought sometime around 1987 and still have.

      sorry about the pic but it's the best I could do right now

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    Picked up this 1983 Korina Explorer in July 1983



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      The guitar I've had the longest is a Yamaki acoustic that I bought with my HS graduation money... so that's 40 years ago.  The electric guitar I've had longest is this old strat that I've had for 15 or so years.

      old strat

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      • DeepEnd
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        Okay, this is easy since I only have the one electric:


        Early 2000's Fernandes Strat copy bought last fall.

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      So many guitars, so little time


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        70s Epi BARD 12-string



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        Buttcrust wrote:



        i'd love to take this for a spin

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      Since1987. It's a 1982 Vantage VSH-455. Fantastic guitar!
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