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Weekly spam thread 8-31-07

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  • Weekly spam thread 8-31-07

    The single ongoing spam thread was just getting too cumbersome for many users... so again, by popular request, we've switched it to a "weekly" spam thread.

    I will close the previous week's spam thread sometime each Sunday evening / early Monday morning. At that time, the previous week's spam thread will be unstuck and locked. Everyone will be able to still read it as it drops off page one, but it won't be "bump-able".

    Have fun, and I hope you can sell something you don't need, or find something you have been looking for.

    PS I've been getting some comments about the overabundance of OT posts in the spam thread. If possible, it would be great if we could keep this thread mostly on-topic posts, and anything you folks can do to help keep the thread size manageable (IOW, deleting items / posts for things that have sold) would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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    See post on page 4.


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      WTB: Red Witch Deluxe Moon Phaser

      PM/email me -
      Don't trust: Jbrazz, clementwave, madler or easyliver
      Don't Ship Guitars Media Mail


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        Digitech whammy, excellent condition, $140, PM me
        ARC Effects
        ARC Effects On Facebook

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          FOR SALE OR TRADE:

          VISUAL SOUND JECKYLL & HYDE (RED) - Very good condition in orig. box.
          Has some velcro on bottom. Shipped for $90.
          Will consider trade for phaser (MXR Phase 100 ideally) or autowah/filter.

          KORG DT-7 TUNER - Excellent condition in orig. box. Super accurate and great for acoustic guitars too. Has buffer and Buzz Feiten tuning system. Shipped for $50. Will consider trade.
          '10 Eastwood Airline Map or '96 U.S. Lone Star Strat > ****************load of pedals > Blues Jr.

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            All prices shipped/Paypal'd

            Monsterpiece 2 Headed Monster (NPN/Angry Dick combo) $125

            Brand New in box discontinued Fulltone '69 Fuzz $220

            Original Green Russian Big Muff $170

            Boss RT20 Mint w/box $160

            MI Audio Tube Zone V2 $120

            Vintage MXR Distortion+, non LED, pots dated to 1981 $85

            Protone Mach II Dual Boost mint w/box and papers $95

            Danelectro Rocky Road w/volume correction mod $50

            Mint DOD Grunge (NOS w/box & papers) $30

            PM me for pics. I have them, but I'm too lazy to go to photobucket right now.


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              ALL FOR $75 shipped/pp'd - $80 with the daisy chain

              Ibanez FZ7 - $25shipped/pp'd

              Ibanez CF7 - $30 shipped/pp'd

              Nano Muff - $30 shipped/pp'd

              Ive got a Boss 8-plug daisy chain that Ill toss into a deal for an extra $8.

              open to trades for -
              -Little Big Muff
              -a decent digital delay - something cold and clear - warmth is a no-no
              -Volume pedal

              Ive also got:

              DOD 270 a/b box - $20 shipped pp'd
              ****possibly - MXR block Phase 90 with R28/C11/C12 mod - make offer
              Dano Hash Browns flanger - beat to **************** - two knobs broken but still work - $20 shipped/pp'd
              Washburn 30w practice amp - $60 shipped


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                Proco Brat
                I picked this up from forumite, theweight. I am looking for an overdrive and this is more of a distortion pedal. The body has been brushed out and it has a pretty cool relic look to it. Everything works fine and it is a good pedal. Just not what I am wanting. I am open to trades for just about anything, guitar cables, guitar stands, whatever, so let me know what you've got.
                Asking $25 shipped.

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                  sig please.
                  i am walking the cow.

                  Originally Posted by andrew_k

                  This thread is now about Abandoned Clown Train


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                    Great traders:
                    preservation/AmpliFIRE/Chaotic/us2bslim/paydirt/sonaboy/waveman/dyer_maker/Radiohead, lol/sherwin/dopey1978/poopie/freeridstylee/bedtime/Idlewilde/duderanimous/plawren53202/DADGADammit/sh333


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                      Teaser Stallion for sale.
                      My Soundcloud
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                        [COLOR="DeepSkyBlue"]BOSS CE-20 FOR SALE 130 shipped

                        By sdresdre at 2007-08-22


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                          [COLOR="DeepSkyBlue"]WTB NOVA DELAY AND EXPRESSION PEDAL FOR MY RE-20 tnx


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                            WTT: Minty v1 [COLOR="Red"]MI AUDIO CRUNCH BOX for a similar higher gain, crunchy dirt box. This one sounds awesome but my amp's too dark. I'd love to try an SCOD ... or something along the dirt tones on TMV's 'De-Loused'.


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                              ElectroHarmonics Deluxe Memory Man, mint in box.
                              $200.00 Shipped

                              Visual Sounds H20 Chorus and Echo, new in box.
                              $80.00 Shipped

                              Fulltone OCD Serial #63xx (ver2 I think) mint with box.
                              $110.00 Shipped---SOLD

                              PM Me (Deals for multiples and formites I know)
                              US Residents
                              PayPal Only (confirmed address a must)
                              All items shipped FedEx.

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                              Bob Doom, 99vette, bnelly428, 1DZReverendDavidLee, andr3w