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  1. Got some things to unload. Prices include PP and shipping in the ConUS. Email is best- cammshaft23 AT aol.com Possible Trade List at the very end (but straight sales are preferred). Diamond Memory Lane Jr- SOLD TC Electronics Flashback Delay- $115.00 Box/Manual/Cable, etc. As-new. Teese RMC3- $175.00 Box/manual/etc. Older grey-housing, handwired wah. Most flexible wah on the planet! http://www.realmccoycustom.com/RMC3.htm Mine is the older version, but this page is a good reference. Ibanez RI JD9 JetDriver - $50.00 This one is TRUE-BYPASS Its basically a slightly beefier TubeScreamer with a nice Mid control http://www.ibanez.com/Electronics/model-JD9 Ibanez RI CS9 Chorus - $70.00 Huge, fat, lush chorus! Excellent condition in original box; has Velcro on the bottom http://www.ibanez.com/Electronics/model-CS9 TRADE LIST- Suhr 1x12 cab Fulltone Fulldrive
  2. BUMP. MAKE AN OFFER. My appt is this week and I need the cash.
  3. PRICE DROP- $150.00 shipped!
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