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Effectology How to recreate "Doctor Who" on Guitar


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    Someone should make Murray Gold watch it and tell him 'Now that's how to do it'. The current Who music is bloody awful.

    One day I will have an EHX Board for random odd stuff.

    this a million times this they turned it in to a generic orchestral scifi theme just like they did visually

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      thanks duder.
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        I know those torrents well...

        The revamped Silurians seem very disappointing compared to the originals. They seem like really generic aliens now whereas the original Silurians had far greater characterisation. It was the same with the Sontarans though when they came back.

        Have you watched The Power of Kroll yet? That's a crazy hoot. Tom Baker's era is segmented into three parts for me. There's the first part, Seasons 12 to 14 where the BBC allowed the producers some budget and you had Robert Holmes producing absolute brilliance, everything from Genesis of the Daleks with Michael Wisher untouchable as Davros, the Robots of Death, Pyramids of Mars, and ending with the brilliance that is The Talons of Weng-Chiang. Seasons 15 and 17 saw the budget being cut and the campy humour really came on. Then you have Baker's final season when John Nathan-Turner started up. The first three Baker seasons really are fabulous.

        I saw Power of Kroll and Genesis of the Daleks a while back on DVD, classic Who Tom Baker is amazing as the Doctor, probably my favourite. I agree that the revamps seem to lack something and are a bit bland in comparison. The current season has been OK and shows promise. I do like Matt Smith and Karen Gillan, and hope they both get a decent run on the show.

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          that was pretty, pretty, pretty good.
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            the ehx effectology series are some of the BEST pedal demos on the planet.....and beyond.....
            long, strong, and down to get the friction on......

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              thats was really great bill! nice job... one of the best ones yet!
              This website sucks now


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                  I love these videos so much. Thank you for making them.
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                    Oh my

                    Me and my band's bassist, both Who fans jam to the Who tune in one our long improv jams live. The drummer is completely oblivious and has no idea that its' the Doctor Who theme

                    And Matt Smith is a fantastic doctor
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                      EHX knows how to advertise...


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                        That was unbelievable.
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                          Awesome vid! i really want a HOG now, already got the ring thing on my wish list....
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                            EHX knows how to advertise...

                            the thng s this is just some dude with too much time doing this independently.

                            you want a keyboard sound - buy a keyboard. that's 15oo bucks of pedals there.


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                              the thng s this is just some dude with too much time doing this independently.

                              you want a keyboard sound - buy a keyboard. that's 15oo bucks of pedals there.

                              hey, welcome to hcfx


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                                New stuff every day on Gain!