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  1. Tele Thanks! I DO want to get back to the Effectology stuff and keep pushing to make time to do some. They were fun and now there are so many new pedals that do so much it could be wild.
  2. Hi everybody! Thank you for the really great comments. I really appreciate it. Tele I bet in just a few weeks you will see many videos on youtube doing shoot outs with all the Muffs. BUT I can never tell which ones I will like until I play it. I personally like the NYC Big Muff as well as the Rams head and the Triangle. I do love the Deluxe Big Muff as it covers so much ground in one pedal. Also the Muffs sound different with a buffered pedal in front. Seems It gets a bit more focused with a lower impedance input.. 1001 as far as noise goes I am not doing anything special just as Phil said. I use humbuckers and that helps a lot! If I use single coils it is hum canceling using two coils. the typical in between strat sound. Also I don't run the amp that hot with the Muffs. At most just at a mild break up. Fender&EHX a documentary on the Muff would be so cool.The parts changing over time is such a hard thing to chase and define. I know it makes Mike crazy as its so hard to figure out just what is the magic in one pedal compared to another. Parts have a 10% tolerance,caps get leaky with age on and on.I would LOVE to see a documentary like that. Bill
  3. New firmware update with fast foot switch erase. https://www.ehx.com/blog/22500-firmware-update
  4. Phil I am SORRY! I thought I could pull my post but could not figure out how to delete it!!!! Thank you for posting. You are the best
  5. The new EHX Superego+ Synth Engine/Multi Effect
  6. There is a Bari sound at :2:53 in this Pitch Fork pitch shifter video.
  7. I did! The video with that stuff is here:
  8. This is a new demo of the octave fuzz called the Octavix. It has the baby transformer/diodes inside to produce the octave/ring mod sound.
  9. The new EHX Holy Gail Neo reveb has been released. The old fleb reverb has been replaced with a plate reverb.
  10. Here is the new EHX Bad Stone phase shifter. This demo includes a brief interview with EHX Founder, Mike Matthews, talking about phase shifting!
  11. Thanks tele! The ultra short loop is kind of a lost art with the expanded delay looper times now, but they can produce some very cool unique sounds. Bill
  12. Here are fun things to try with the 360 nano looper! Bill Ruppert
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