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Any old-school analog delays with tone controls?


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  • Any old-school analog delays with tone controls?

    I'm tying to find a really lo-fi delay, basically with the whole high end rolled completely off and everything else is saturated to hell. halp.

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    No tone control but the Malekko E600d (dark) is quite dark and murky, really good delay. Not easy to find or cheap. Might want to check out the upcoming Way Huge Supa Puss, that has a tone control, and should be pretty dark if you want it to be, or at least somewhat lo-fi.


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      Also, you might want to check out something that isn't digital, like the TC ELectronics Repeater. On tape mode, with the tone control all the way down, it gets really dark/murky. Crank the repeats, trails on, and turn it off, the repeats will go on for dayssssss.


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        If you want it to sound dark and murky with no high end you could try rolling off the tone knob on your guitar >.>
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          moody mushroom echo is dark. really dark.
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            I want ultra-dark repeats of my regular toanz, not dark everything. Will check the Repeater and Mushroom


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              dod fx-96.
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                dod 680? Maybe going for a little more these days but I got one for around $120. Was pretty damn dark but the bypass was garbage on it. Would need to be true bypassed or put in a TB loop.


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                  Reel to Reel Sound on Sound......


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                    Quote Originally Posted by IRG
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                    Also, you might want to check out something that isn't digital, like the TC ELectronics Repeater.

                    Have I got the wrong end of the stick here?
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                      Boss space echo. You can roll off the highs on the repeats completely, and boost the bass. It's rad.
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                        Quote Originally Posted by Cirrus
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                        Have I got the wrong end of the stick here?

                        No, lol. I meant to type try something that is digital, but sounds analog. The EQD Disaster Transport might be a good option too. Or the Catalinbread Montavillian.


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                          The recommended DOD 680 is pretty good - but very noisy.

                          A very underrated delay with dark repeats (or the option to put an EQ in the loop) is the dmb lunar echo. It s one of the best analog delays I ve ever heard. Not noisy, very organic and with a very nice modulation. You can get some crazy sounds if you want.

                          Try one, ff you have the chance. It s awesome!
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