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Can we suggest Titles for these Member-tags?

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  • Can we suggest Titles for these Member-tags?

    I mean, we all be too respickable around here.

    I just looked at the Current Kudo Count and saw riffie is right ahead of me...and good on him cuz he is really steppin up his game and keepin us from focusing on the negativities.

    But man....riff ie...a "Trusted Contributor"?    .....more like a "Trussed Up Contribu-tron"


    And on a more serious vein, how about:

    • Conspicuous Spammer
    • Trained Monkey
    • Uses spell check on Mobile Phones
    • Self-Proclaimed Diety
    • Haz problems w/Tap Tempo
    • Melts under pressure
    • Steam Punk IRL
    • Brownie Baker
    • notsoformer Meth Head
    • Sells guardrails for pedal $$
    • Will design circuits for coffee
    • Kudo Whore (obviously, the title for the top-kudo-getter)
    • Likes thin-slender/wide-fat C-shaped necks on a Weissenborne

    I mean, the list is endless. So let us write them, and you coders just drop them into some little state-machine that pops one out for whatever level of KudoSolutionPostCount-ness we are currently at.

    Have fun with this.


    <div class="signaturecontainer">Blind Doc Jones' Pickles....Cures What Ails Ya'<br>Good Deals with: Catalinbread, BR4D/MojoHand (via his retailers), sh333 (teh debbil)</div><br><br>Not around much any more

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    Self Proclaimed Genius

    Top Woodshedder


      BAXANDALL commented
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      Side Show Flunky

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    tits<br><br><p><img src="/t5/image/serverpage/image-id/6348iE11321C4C540F49A/image-size/original?v=mpbl-1&amp;px=-1" alt="s" border="0" title="s" align="middle"></p>


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      can I have Senior Mumbler


      • lefort_1
        lefort_1 commented
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        sees Lego everywhere 

        needs Hipster Replacement

        Still wears Flannel

        Fawndled Bambi

        Is it Beer-For-Breakfast if you never passed out and kept on partying into the next day?


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      The fonz


      • riff ie
        riff ie commented
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        this high...

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      Teenage Troll



      • guitardustin
        guitardustin commented
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        Burt Reynolds

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      Has heard of Justin bieber.