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Anyone end up getting the new Bass VI?


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  • Anyone end up getting the new Bass VI?

    There was a bunch of hoopla about the new pawn shop guitars, haven't seen anything since they came out.

    I played a sunburst VI and thought it was neat but ultimately something I don't need at that price point. Perhaps I'll pick up a used one when they start popping up.

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    I'm hoping in a couple weeks to make a trip to a couple music stores around here. Hopefully one has one.


    The idea and the look appeal to me but I'm not sure if I'd ever use it. I have a a nice P Bass I'm fond of, and really only moonlight on bass so it's silly to have bunch of them.


    Having never held one, I wonder if they could be restrung/setup as a baritone without much trouble. I'd love to mess around with something like that. One of my hobbies lately has been layering instrumental melodies and textures. Think orchestral stuff but with lots of guitar based sounds. Nothing to release or that has any cohesive point, just for fun. A baritone would be really useful in that regards I think. 


    Long story short, though, I'd really like to try one out. 

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      What Ryan said.


      • mr benn
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        Just sold one of my jags today to finance one!!

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      ****************. I was just about to go out tomorrow to find a cheap bass to **************** around with, but if this is out, **************** that... doesn't look like any local shops have them in if their online stock status is correct, but I may have to go and place an order.

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        Got a CAR one a couple weeks ago...Love it...strung it up with some LaBella round wounds.


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      Holy **************** that's annoying
      Originally Posted by arthurdent'd

      Canadian politeness is not very rock-n-roll.


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          I love it $500, I hate it at the actual price point.
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          • WAWBanks
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            My bass player got one. We just wrote a song using it.



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          • Phil O'Keefe
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            carrier street wrote:
            I love it $500, I hate it at the actual price point.


            To me, the price point is pretty incredible - especially when you consider just how much less the MIM Bass VI is compared to every other similar release (Bass VI / Jaguar Baritone) that Fender has ever done. The current Bass VI goes for $800 new - that's a heck of a lot less than the previous ones cost - even used.


            If I didn't already have a Danelectro Baritone, I'd be all over a Bass VI at that price. As it is, it's still incredibly tempting AFAIC... YMMV.


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          I'll be putting a Novak in mine, and a mastery bridge


          • Phil O'Keefe
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            Did you get one?


          • nomenclature
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            @mr benn re: mastery bridge (HTF do you quote in this place?)

            while I love the mastery bridge on my jazzmaster and think its a huge improvement over the stock bridge, maybe look into finding a bridge from the 2012 Japanese reissue, if it fits it may be a cheaper option (maybe?) and is a lot better than the basic jazzmaster style bridge. I've only has the Bass VI for a little over a week so it's a bit early to say, but I've played pretty hard on it and have't had any string slippage on it.

            I'm almost considering putting a humbucker in the bridge position like the pawnshop VIs have to get a bit more growl, but I'm in no rush to so any major changes yet. it's with my tech right now for intonation and setup, it had a bit of buzz I couldn't get rid of, turns out the neck is more bowed than I thought, I'm hoping its an easy fix and I don't have to take it back.

          • claytonjohn_18
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            This makes me die inside. Please repaint it something interesting!

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          Please do Phil! It'd be nice to get your input on this
          As most of the "Bass guys" don't seem to get it because you can't slap on it!!