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  1. Freakshow Maharishi http://www.freakshoweffects.com/maharishi Hand Painted S/N 10107 - some minor wear and tear looking for €120 freakshow by mechanicalapple, on Flickr
  2. Hi there! Thanks or the offer but my Es135 needs non-dog ear P90's Sorry I should have said that in the OP
  3. Hi guys looking for a set of P 90's,preferably boutique i.e Lollar,Duncan antiquity,Bareknuckle etc... Let me know what you have!
  4. hard to imagine the FX world without them,and even though I only currently own 4 of their pedals, I'd still rate them as possibly my favourite FX company on the whole
  5. SG by mechanicalapple, on Flickr
  6. some horrendous late 70's silverface twin which was about 135 watts of pure tinnitus ,and had the most ugly Hi-Fi speakers in it, sounded {censored}ing useless for just about everything but absolutely amazing with a Big Muff in front
  7. Had a FD 2,can't say I really liked it At the time my keeley ts-9dx mopped the floor with it But now I only have the ZIM Its great!
  8. Is there a Zim "Fuzz Face" germanium version? no it's Si I've the TAR+ and the brown muff,when's the Octave due out?
  9. cool idea! for a long time Ive though of building one into a pedaltrain
  10. I'm sure lovepedal could knock-off something for us...
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