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  1. Freakshow Maharishi http://www.freakshoweffects.com/maharishi Hand Painted S/N 10107 - some minor wear and tear looking for €120 freakshow by mechanicalapple, on Flickr
  2. Hi there! Thanks or the offer but my Es135 needs non-dog ear P90's Sorry I should have said that in the OP
  3. here's my old veteran it's an MIJ one: paid €40 for it at one point I had a MIT one too and there's almost no difference in tone,but I sold that one as I had no need for two while we're discussing them,I've also got a CE-3 and a DSD-3! Heartfelt Dawn,got any links to that vibrato mod?
  4. http://kotaku.com/5883592/buy-your-own-life+size-portal-gun/gallery/1
  5. hard to imagine the FX world without them,and even though I only currently own 4 of their pedals, I'd still rate them as possibly my favourite FX company on the whole
  6. Cool. Thanks no worries,yeah I can't wait to do it,I'm tempted to contact BKP and see if they sell the pickups seperately! I've got hot for Jag duncans in it now
  7. Where'd you order the plate from? Direct from Fender? Part number? Paul is making me one http://paulrhoney.com/
  8. I've ordered a Marr switchplate for my Jag,I'm doing the Marr 4-way pickup switching but had planned to disconnect the rhythm circuit entirely might have to investigate this switching arrangement after watching this sounds beautiful!
  9. Nick Cave? they've got the no {censored} blues...
  10. SG by mechanicalapple, on Flickr
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