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  1. Dude... It's on the first page. http://www.harmonycentral.com/t5/Effects-Pedals-Multi-Effects-and/Current-Pedalboard-Post-Yours-2/td-p/32192079/jump-to/first-unread-message
  2. I love this series immensely. Thanks! I didn't like the bigs by part on this one, though. But I was surprised that the slide ebow part (a trick I've been using for a while also!) didn't clash horribly with the loop. Sounded great!
  3. Look what my m9 looper and no other effects did http://soundcloud.com/andy-tran-4/only-m9-looper/s-ncQ0p I was playing with the reverse and half speed switches while playing. Then it started bitcrushing
  4. It's awesome. I do similar glitch stuff with my smmh. Long delay time to "loop" a part, then turn the delay time knob to silence it momentarily. Got it from a YouTube video which is very good also: xtimehascomex I thinker maybe kayser unless the is the same person. "boss rv3 glitch"
  5. My biggest pedal week in along time. The dl4 was a huge whim purchase, but it was only a hundred buis on Cl. Can't wait to try them all out together!
  6. maca you got a 8step right? wanna try with Timeline??
  7. I love you. Because neutral milk hotel. This will feel spammy* but the DTF nails these tones... I made sure before I bought one. This thread is from a year before I got the pedal: http://www.thegearpage.net/board/showthread.php?t=914285 *spammy because I have one for sale.
  8. sweet. weirdest {censored} i've done looking through my soundcloud: dying ebow: https://soundcloud.com/andy-tran-4/dying-ebow pitch shift delay bull{censored}: https://soundcloud.com/andy-tran-4/pitch-shift-delays reverse yaled bull{censored}: https://soundcloud.com/andy-tran-4/reverse-delay-pooping
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