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The Perfect Distortion

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  • The Perfect Distortion

    Does anyone now how to create a distortion effect without any crunchy sound at all. It sounds funny, but I guess I'm referring to a kinda clean distortion effect. No crunch, but still a lot of gain to be able to easily play artificial harmonics and do tapping.

    I've been playing around with the switches on my Fender Mustang III, and I can't seem to get it. 

    To take out the crunchy, fizzy annoying sound I have to turn down the gain. But than I don't have enough gain. Also, I lower the highs a bit, but still I can't find it. I would like it to sound for example like the distortion guitar in almost any Ozzy Osbourne song. Most of the time, you hear no crunchy sound. And I know I can't really have the same sound, because I don't have their gear, but at least something close to it.

    Can anyone tell me what's the secret, if there is one? Thanks.

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    Sounds like what you're looking is an overdrive pedal, or at least something that emulates the tone of a cranked JTM45 or whatever Marshall amp Randy Rhodes used

    A 'distortion' is usually supposed to be somewhat fizzy and hairy. 

    A 'hot' loud tube amp  + booster or some tight low gain od pedlol might do the trick. 

    No idea how to get there with your lil modeling amp though, sorry:s

    I'm sure there's pedals out there that might get you close, but I'm also pretty sure that a ton of volume is the key to that tight/hot/juicy overdrive tone.

    I'm also not sure what gear Ozzy's guitarist exactly uses, but if you'd look that up it might give you some insight I guess...


    • TomVanDeven
      TomVanDeven commented
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      You pretty much need dark speakers and run pedals that aren't designed to clip via diodes to get that sound.

      1. Drop the Fender Mustang

      2. Grab a Fender Bassman head and run it into a 2x12 with two Cannibas Rex speakers

      3. Run a Emma PisdiYAUwot/Bogner Uberschall pedal into the front end. Then you'll get something similar to this:

      (skip to 1:25)

      (or 2:25 here)


      A combination of these factors plus some clever EQing, and you'll be laughing in the face of fizz. Enjoy. 

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      nicknamer24 wrote:

       ... I guess I'm referring to a kinda clean distortion effect. No crunch, but still a lot of gain to be able to easily play artificial harmonics and do tapping.


      I would try a compressor pedal, and possibly a compressor and a 'light' overdrive like a tubescreamer.  Here's a demo that sort of explains what a compressor does. 

      This space left intentionally blank.


      • Ancient Mariner
        Ancient Mariner commented
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        Several different directions you might go. A compressor will make the guitar behave like there's a lot of gain without the crunch. If you want a high-gain sound that's smooth like some of the Santana type tones then look at boogie solo models. Also try something like the Joyo California pedal.