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  1. I remember those (and the Urchins) when they came out - wish I could have afforded one then.
  2. Weird. Every looper I ever heard sounded the same as original. Is the looper running to amp input or in effects loop? If the looper is going to input do you have any other pedals in there too, particularly either a fuzz (they can do odd things sometimes) and is the looper first or last in the chain (should be last)? Do you have any buffered pedals (i.e. boss) in the chain too (that will help with impedance issues)
  3. Wishing everyone here a happy new year.
  4. Linear pots should work the same in both directions but log pots do not.
  5. 14 years is a long time on t'intarwebs.
  6. Just to check I understand correctly: When you play to create the loop it sounds different to when you start the loop playing back? Since you can access the 'internals' through windows, as suggested I would check there isn't some kind of high-end attenuation box ticked by default.
  7. Better.... quantify that. 😉 I tend to pick guitars based on how they feel and respond unplugged - I play by feel more than technique - as well as plugged in, so that's important to me. On one occasion I bought a guitar as a basket case, but by holding the body up and tapping on it with my knuckles I could hear that it was basically resonant & responsive, rather than dead-sounding. The guitar rebuilt fine & went on to become a regular player for me. Some players are much more methodical in their approach it's likely to matter less, and if you use a lot of gain it will probably not matter at all.
  8. Godd to 'see' you again O-a A and great to hear JJ is still going. As you say, this place buzzed once, but those days won't return.
  9. Fitting a brass, steel or pot metal block and saddles won't substantially affect the acoustic properties of the guitar - you may get a little more or less snap, but that's it. If anything, the heavier the block, the less energy will be transferred to the body & turned into acoustic vibrations, but the difference will be small. But yes, let us know how it turns out.
  10. Sadly I suspect this isn't just a joke. 😞 Pretty sure no 'fake' would ever be so badly made - there was a reason LPs were shunned at one time.
  11. If changing from US to Europe, I've heard anecdotally from another guitar player who's toured that the 60 cycles in the US gives a different sound (described it as more rock'n'roll) than the 50 cycles in Europe. I've played guitar in the US a couple of times and never noticed a difference personally, but if that's the change then it could be what you hear.
  12. One person gave a neck, another a body (wish I could remember who now - search seems borked that far back) I donated a set of PUs and Ratae C put it all together & shipped it. I didn't see those pix, sadly. I've been here about 20 years now, first came for OLGA, but dates and posts got scrambled & lost in the various changes.
  13. @ksl2 fairly different sounds there. Pretty sure the 1st clip is being played middle pickup only, from the brightness, pop*, lack of quack and the way it hums like crazy in the overdrive section. I have a strat with a set of BG V60s here that has something of that sound : https://www.bgpickups.net/product-page/v60 Bryan (of BG Pickups) used to be a forum regular, and might still be although he was getting disillusioned some years back. He's a good guy, and worth talking to about the sound you want. *just realised this is from a compressor - ignore that. 🙄
  14. Absolutely - was listening to Green Manalishi while driving this morning, all that expression and control.
  15. The Trio+ maybe useful as a solo performance tool if you're the kind of player that uses a looper anyway. Not so sure I'd want to try it with a band. I have a standard Trio, bought to be a practice tool, and the utility of a looper with it is immediately obvious for use in a wider context.
  16. Different slides seem to suit different guitars too. A thick-walled glass slide sounds dull on my resonator, where the best I've found so far is a 17mm spark plug socket. However on a small-bodied acoustic I prefer that thick glass slide but not a thin-walled one (see the LHS back row of Mikeo's picture to get an idea). My preference is pinkie or third finger, and need a slide with a relatively narrow opening so it stays put on the finger - a heavy slide like a spark plu socket can also need a bit more strength to support and move quickly when playing for a couple of hours. I have tried a nut extender, but just hated both the feel and inability to fret notes, although if you're going for the lap steel thing then it's probably helpful.
  17. Seen no sign of Mr. Pistols, but Brian Krashpad seems to have reappeared recently. It would be great to see Fretsie again.
  18. I'm an Austrian, but grew up & still live in the UK. Scientist by day, I mostly play acoustic slide in a local gospel-blues collective (I'm the one on the left).
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