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Who says a stock Tele can't get heavy? You be the judge


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  • Who says a stock Tele can't get heavy? You be the judge

    I was listening to Wolfmother on the way to practice, so excuse the opening because I don't know the song at all and basically just made a 1/2 ass attempt to play it from memory.

    All stock Tele -> Way Huge Swollen Pickle -> Jet City JCA2112RC completely stock

    I spliced various examples of this rig together. I never touched the settings of any of it... just used my guitar volume and tone knobs to change things up. I think the cleans are more than passable in a live situation. Not pristine, but neither is my playing.

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    hell you can hear the amp feeding back from being dimed.


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      Bad choice of song but the tones were pretty good. I have a soft spot for Tele's so that always colors my opinion
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        haha it was on in the car on my drive over, and showed how clean the amp can get so I figured what the hell

        plus it's less than a minute long... the rest of the clip are samples of our own songs.


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          someone needs a metronome for Christmas oke: Nice toanz though
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            someone needs a metronome for Christmas oke: Nice toanz though

            Thanks for listening


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              That's about as heavy as I expect from a tele.
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              Then why'd you make this thread?

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              Originally Posted by The Scorpion

              No, everybody is going to pretend I never made this thread.



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                ASAT's ftw
                The box pattern and arpeggio diagrams I made. Use em for whatever.

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                  That's about as heavy as I expect from a tele.

                  with the stock microphonic 6.7ohm pickups

                  Thanks for listening.


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                    sounds great man. I've been wanting to switch to teles but I can't hybrid pick for **************** so it would be kinda embarrassing


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                      I never said that! If you wanna hear my take on the Tele-Br00tz, then Police Bastard's myspace link is in my Sig. My guitar is on the right.

                      God Off, The Lie, Erosion and Born To Die were all stock Baja tele into a Tubescreamer and Mesa RK/Recto 4x12. My guitar is on the left, and just single tracked!
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                        I've always dug Chris Spencer From the Unsane's tone. American Tele into a Dual Rectifier and or a a Marshall JMP.
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                          Great tones indeed! Gotta love that twang sneaking up on your heavy riffing! Most guys I know hate it, I love it to death.

                          I remember tuning down my Peavey Reactor to C# and played Sabbath tunes on my ss Fender Deluxe 112 Plus. If I can make it sound good on that, I could've just imagine the sound of an actual Tele through my existing tube amps.
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                            I've heard heavier on a tele

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                              I want a Tele. Possibly an Esquire.

                              But that didn't sound all that heavy.

                              Good tones, though.