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  1. why hasn't this sold yet this thing is still {censored}ing awesome
  2. Selling this for a friend. It was purchased new on impulse and has been sitting on his shelf in the box and has only been opened, never used. Has all the original packaging and paperwork. The thing is mint. Asking $180 shipped w/Paypal gift. Please no trades or cash + trade deals.
  3. Lol. Did you miss the part where I said "For my uses". I can only judge gear in the situations I play in. 20w isn't enough for me. It might be for others. It's not for me. How is that being a dick? Rad. OP didn't ask for opinions. Nobody gives a fuck. GTFO. You are the cancer that is killing HCAF.
  4. what's the deal with the low string sticking out of the tailpiece?
  5. this will be gone within 12 hours
  6. BEST FINISH what are you looking for in terms of trades?
  7. You know you want my 2204 for it. do that
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