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    Hail and blessing upon all thou devotees of the high priestess of the Church of Keith Richards. To quote the book of Petty, "You don't have to live like a refugee"...


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      Mind if I post a leetle bit of spam?

      Shars has posted a new thread for the FACE OF FRIENDSHIP project over on the new SSS to see if any new (or old) participants want to play. If you don't know what it is, have a look, it's a worthy cause....
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        Originally posted by sventvkg

        LOL, Yea my original Name was SVENTVKG on MP but somehow I lost it and could never get it back...

        ...Anyway, I'm in NJ now supposedly getting into good shape doing tree work this summer and making $$ to convert the bus...

        ...As far as Nashville, I want to come now!!!!! However I don't have the funds for the move...We are starting to set up some gigs around the south and I'm planning on basing out of Nashville by the beginning of the new year...

        ...Stay well and I hope to meet you when I finally get to Nash...Actually I may make at least one trip out before November...We'll see! Peace.

        Well, at least you'll have a tan...

        Just let me know when you decide to come down. If you're staying a weekend, or week, I may be able to put you up at a buddy's house. (He's on the road a lot. He might be persuaded to let you stay if he's outta town. )

        Anyway.. I'll be here!
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        Yeah, exactly! There's some things that maybe you DON'T want to fix at the source!! - Ken/Eleven Shadows on the Castrati, 3/06

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