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  • Tell Us Your CD Baby Experiences

    It seems quite a few people sell their CDs on CD Baby. Have you been happy with the arrangement? Have you sold a decent number of CDs? Not sold anything? Let us know...
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    I've sold a handful of CD's, which is a small miracle given that I haven't been able to put together any live shows. I've sold a few downloads through the digital distribution that's folded into their agreement. I'm hoping that once I have some gigs in place and spread the word a little more, I'll tick up a few more sales.

    I've also bought several CD's through CD Baby, and it's there's really good stuff available through there.

    From both customer and client sides, they are a very responsive operation, and look to me to be making the most of their technology.
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      My band sells through there, and we are happy with the arrangement and their apparent fairness. Never had a problem, and they seem like an honest organization.
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        I've sold music all over the globe via them.

        Before them, I sold CD's off my site, and I got sloppy in getting stuff to the post office in a timely fashion. Now things get sent out right away. I've never had a problem, nor a bad word about them.

        Having CD Baby is a good thing.

        Lately I am moving more digital downloads than physical product.


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          CD Baby works EXACTLY as advertized and I've found it a valuable tool over the years. The cool thing is now they are offering Instant digital downloads of your entire album in hight bit VRB, LAME encoded 256K MP3 format. The album is a .ZIP file and is $7. I'm diggin on it.


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            Does anyone have experience with Kunaki?
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              Sold a good amount on The 'Babe.

              Will definitely do it again.

              Derek Sivers is a cool dude.

              the photo didn't show it, but his Oregon license plate read: "CD BABY"
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                Does anyone have experience with Kunaki?

                I do..Kunaki is the ****************!!!!...I just produced and recorded a CD for a singer songwriter using them and they are awesome..Several friends have used them as well and the product comes professionally packaged, shrink wrapped, and it looks great! I'll be using them on all upcoming projects because I can't justify 1000 CD's anymore. ****************ing people are just not buying...


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                  CDBaby has worked well for us. They work relatively quickly when you put new material in their system, and most importantly they pay you promptly.
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                    CDBaby has been fantastic for us, especially since they added MP3 download distribution and record store distribution. Can't say enough good things about them.

                    Probably sold as many CDs on CDBaby as we have at live shows. Of course you have to get the traffic there yourself, but they do all the rest.

                    They did have one massive server crash that cost us some sales, but other than that they've been perfect.

                    Recommend them to anyone.

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                      I've had a great experience on cdbaby. My latest cd has sold well and I've gotten good comments and feedback. However, one of the best benefits was when I first sent in my cd and got a glowing e-mail back from Derek. He said they loved the album so much they were going to feature it on the front page of the website (which they did), and he also called it "one of the best new releases (of over 30,000) that I've ever heard". That quote was like gold, and I've used it in all my promo, and the record label that is now distributing the cd used it on a sticker that they put on the shrink wrap of the cd. I have a few new music and dvd projects coming out soon and I will definitely put them on cdbaby.


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                        Good to see everyone giving good feedback

                        Im looking into using them
                        possibly next year, when I have enough material for a solo album,
                        and me and one of my songwriting partners has enough material for one as well.


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                          Another thumbs up for CD Baby. They really are a great service and do a lot of the legwork that makes selling your music such a pain, like submitting your stuff to all the download services.

                          I don't think we've had too many sales from people randomly trolling CD Baby, but we drive traffic there from other sites and it works great. Another bonus is that they'll give you a credit card swiper so you can accept credit cards for merch sales at gigs! And they don't even care if you're selling CD's, it can be shirts or anything you want - they'll do the credit card processing. Really is a fantastic idea.

                          We have also had a couple of other online retailers find us through CD Baby and offer to carry our CD's, which has resulted in more sales. So I'd have to give the whole experience a big thumbs up.
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                            Out of interest

                            what kind of package is everyone putting together for cdbaby.
                            Does the CD have a full booklet with lyrics etc..
                            and how much are you charging for each album?


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                              Out of interest

                              what kind of package is everyone putting together for cdbaby.
                              Does the CD have a full booklet with lyrics etc..
                              and how much are you charging for each album?

                              I think you can find all the quality levels, it only depends on what you provide them to be sold.

                              The prices are decided by the artist, you have to take in account, obviously, the fixed amount for CD Baby.

                              Have a look to the link in my sig to get a better idea.
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