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  1. Hello, for the second time, after a first under warranty repair, the mode toggle switch in my Freeze pedal stopped selecting the latched mode. I opened the unit and found a very cheap switch that I would like to attempt to change with the help of a friend with a much better one, I can't wait for servicing times abroad, the warranty is ended and I really need a better thing. It is a model named Q22, but I'm not able to find the exact specs. Could anyone give me some hint on what to get? Thanks. Alf.
  2. Suhr Riot. Amazed on how good does it sount at any setting, from the lightest to the most brutal. And it cleans wonderfully.
  3. Allparts 2 pcs. alder body, finished with shellac Canadian bird-eye maple neck/ebony fingerboard Spertzel locking tuners Graphite nut original late 70's fender pickups, I had them in an heavy ash sunburst stratocaster partially destroyed. the straight lined poles match the wide radius very well. I've performed a "strat lover's strat" modification from Guitarnuts, all the stock vintage positions plus inversion of the neck and the bridge in series with any other combination, tone switching for bridge and obviously star grounding and el-shock protection. The bridge pup is a bit more out than in the pic but I like a lot the mid and the neck almost buried in the pickguard, richer overtones and much more dynamic. Low output is not an issue, i love very low output generally in neck and middle positions. ADD: you might notice a traditional 6 holes fender tr. bridge, I only used 2 screws and it works beautifully. http://www.guitarnuts.com/wiring/stratlovers.php
  4. Regarding the12AY7 I wanted to try it also in p1. I currently have a JJ 12AX7 which sounds really good with my strat. Anyway, JJ doesn't make 12AY7's so I just bought an EH one. It costed more then double the 12AX7 from JJ and it sounds like crap. Really bad tone, too bright and "empty", with very late but unsmooth transition, quite the opposite of what i thought....I removed it already. I tried also in p2 in a heavily modded and great sounding HRD, which is anyway a darker amp, but no avail. I don't know if some precious NOS one could sound better, I'm sure it does....but I'm very happy as it is now.
  5. One of my beloved amps is a Ceriatone 5e3. It's a one channel little beast which needs to be cranked or to receive a quite boosted signal to go in full saturation. in any case it becomes quite loud...LOUD! I love that tone....anyway, I have two boosters in my pedalboard, a Java Boost and and a RC Booster. Usually the Java Boost is great to feed preamp stages or overdrive pedals. I tried to use it into the RC booster which is set with maximum gain and a quite low volume. The Java Boost is set to full boost and both controls around 1-2 o'clock. The 5e3 is at 2, a quite clean setting...well man! what a sound! the Java output saturates the RC gain stage in a beautiful way, feeding all the cranked-tube-like harmonics and the result in the amp is incredibly close to the sound it has when cranked, except that it has a real bedroom volume...well not while a mate is sleeping, obviously... With this setting it's also very usable my Eventide Time Factor, considering there is no fx loop. I connected it in a cool way that leaves always the pure analog unbuffered guitar sound on. I grab the guitar sound from the lower bright input (like when you want to cross the inputs) and send it to the timefactor which is in direct kill mode (only effect), the output from it goes in the dark input of the Ceriatone and you can deal manually an independent volume for the effect. If you want you can also put a volume pedal in between to feed the effect in that way, if between the amp and the Eventide you keep the delay tails... I'm happy!
  6. Did anyone experience a decent noise level powering externally a java boost? With common roland/boss adapters it's very noisy and gets truely impossible when you want to clean up saturation with the guitar volume.... I hope one day somebody comes up with a solution...or good news.
  7. I make ambient music too, but not that minimalistic...at least not always, I like evolving music.
  8. PCI Express should be the fastest and "broadest" data connection and hopefully less influenced by other devices....."should" because I haven't got anything yet on that format. The latency issues are, however, much dependent on the software part, the quality of the (ASIO mainly) drivers and the daw.
  9. In Craig's forum a nice guy, called MrKnobs, regarding some bit/frequency rates discussions, said that he had the most boring sound samples made for his profession, that are recordings of flat tires running on different pavements and similar stuff. Maybe as a joke I asked him for some samples of those files, and he sent me them, 4 cuts 16bits/44.1khz wave files. Then he commented that he found my request a bit strange.... I rapidly made a track, in which the only sound sources used are those 4 snippets of test recordings done by MrKnobs. I've transposed, frequency shifted, filtered, sequenced, delayed, frequency modulated and quite heavily manipulated those apparently flat and boring sounds. No other samples, no other oscillators, except for LFO modulation of filters and slow ramps for the FleXor sequencers. Everything in Scope, obviously. Field recordings by MrKnobs: www.alfonsodamora.it/Demos/OldAsphalt.mp3 www.alfonsodamora.it/Demos/ImpTube.mp3 www.alfonsodamora.it/Demos/PorousPavement.mp3 www.alfonsodamora.it/Demos/Concrete.mp3 The same stuff after a bit of work: www.alfonsodamora.it/Demos/On_The_Road.mp3
  10. I also posted this in Craig's forum but some different people gathering here so I post it here too...Something a bit different from me....a friend made this famous Jazz standard on a Rhodes piano through some nice effect and I added my self assembled Strat afterwards...it wasn't planned but it turned out that we both like it. The guitar goes straight to an Apogee MiniMe and from there to a Creamware (SonicCore makes and sells them now) Scope dsp audiocard, processed by a dsp plugin amp emulator that I'm building. So here it is!
  11. Leukemia today is not what it used to be 20 years ago. It has become very treatable a.f.a.i.k. and science has done giant leaps in this field. I hope with all my heart for the best and I will have a constant place in my thoughts for him.
  12. I love this alphonso. The perc sound is so cool. Like Jarre with voice. Nice. Thanks I'm pretty proud of that perc sound....I sampled an ancient Korg Minipops drum box, the one with the latin etc. patterrns, then I have cut them in single sounds and use them in a 8 parts drum sequencer made with a Scope modular..the cool thing is that I can make any pattern I want, add swing and most of all change the pitch (it's evident in the track), the envelope and process separately but it retains that analog flavor...
  13. Please let me know what you think of this sound. I don't usually make songs, this is a collaboration but all that's sounds, arrangement, engineering and a good part of music composition is mine. As the text written by this friend of mine is something pretty "zen" I went for a minimalistic arrangement and I tried to get a soft, peaceful, "suspended on air" atmosphere. http://www.alfonsodamora.it/L_E_B/les_jours.mp3
  14. Originally posted by beezdeez Alfonso, can you elaborate what you are talking about? Did you manage to use the Ebow with a pick? I'm confused, haha. LOL! of course not! If you read the small booklet that comes with it they suggest to use it for almost anything, also speed solos, but although possible, I don't like to miss the fast attack of a pick on every note in normal solos, so I just use e-bow in it's traditional way... Anyway, in my sig there is the link for my cd, if you check the tracks (there is also an hi quality mp3 button, it's worth because low fi sucks), youll find e-bow on electric in tracks 1,7 and 8 and on acoustic with slide in track 9 For some traditional picking and slide on acoustic check tracks 2 and 10.... (am I looking for feedback on it?...err i guess yes... )
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