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  1. Guess it's time to start talking about this. Since COVID-19 is a respiratory illness and as singers, we're heavily dependent on the health of our lungs, this is of great concern. Though most of us won't develop serious forms of the disease, it would likely sideline a singer for a while. What steps are we taking? Self-Quarantine? BYO microphones? Foam mic covers?
  2. It seems as though every audio interface on the market that boasts more than 4 in/outputs has two of those in/outputs being an S/PDIF digital in/out. Am I wrong in saying that's a total jip to the consumer? Most of us when referring to audio that comes in from or goes out of the box just use the analog I/O. I know some people use the ADAT interface but that's another matter, and that's only an issue for the interfaces that have more than 8 ins/outs. Or do we actually use S/PDIF?
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