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  • What amp are you using?

    I'm going from my Line6 X3 straight into the house or into a roland 160 for practice, but I can see a need for a  standalone bass amp

    What are you guys using?

    The new kid friendly mother approved LR

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    I use an old SWR WM 12. But I don't have the need for a lot of power. Just playing alt countryish stuff, lots of times with no drummer.
    Have an old 50w Bassman head in the shop, gonna try it for both bass and guitar.

    My upright goes into a Baggs PARA DI straight to the board.


    • sunburstbasser
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      T.C. Electronics RH450.  Powerful enough that I can use it with my cab as a bass amp, but small enough that I can carry it alone and go straight into the board if I so desire.  I also really like the sound of it.

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    I got tired of carrying around large things, so I broke it into smaller pieces. Although the new TINY high power bass heads have me totally beat for convenience.

    4U SKB rack case - BBE BMax Preamp, dbx 166 compressor, Crown PLX1602. Two Avatar SB112 cabinets. It's rare to need both cabs for any gigs I play these days.

    For tiny acoustic gigs I take a little 15w Trace Elliot guitar amp with an Eminence speaker in it, it's perfect to play with flattop guitars and fiddle. I kind of enjoy messing with the people who think I should buy an upright bass. .png" alt=":smileytongue:" title="Smiley Tongue" />

    Ita Erat Quando Hic Adveni
    I play guitar, bass and drums with equal enthusiasm and lack of skill.

    "Never attribute to malice, those things which are adequately explained by stupidity." - Hanlon's Razor


    • schmizz
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      I am using a Roland CUBE-120XL.  Great output and sound, plus an incredible array of on board effects.  It also has XLR output.  There is also a 60W vwersion.

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    Genz Benz Shuttle 6.0 into two Phil Jones Bass B4 pirannha cabinets, the micro-rig of doom!


    Micro Rig of Doom!

    Attached Files

    Basses -
    MTD KZ-5
    MTD Artist 5
    Ibanez SRT-800DX
    Spector NS-2 (korean)
    Peavey G bass

    Rig -
    Genz Benz Shuttle 6.0 atop two Phil Jones Bass 4b 4X5 cabs


    • Reverse Entropy
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      Wow, Perry - that IS a sweet little rig. I've been lusting after the Genz Benz gear for a while. I had been thinking of using their cabinets, though.

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    I really like my Carvin amp. You can't beat the tone or the price for something made in the USA!
    Dennis Hopper's retirement plan, except Dennis is dead
    Retired and likin' it a lot!
    Regards. Rimmer


    • isaac42
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      At last night's gig, I used a Sunn Model T from the mid to late 70's, into two Sunn Concert PA cabinets from themid to late 60's. The cabinets are loaded with JBL D130 drivers. They also have horns, but I've disconnected those as well as the crossovers and am running the D130's full range.

      At Friday's gig, I played through a Sunn Sentura II (60's guitar head) into a Sunn 410H cabinet (90's bass cabinet).

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    hey friends

    wright now i m using

    JL 300/4 active to Hertz HSK165 JL 300/2 rear fill to JL 6.5's JL 250/1 to JL 10w3v3
    All slash amps


    • ThudMaker
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      I'm using Yamaha, Pioneer and Aiwa in various locations!

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    Carvin 500 w bass it a lot through 410 GK speakers.
    Dennis Hopper's retirement plan, except Dennis is dead
    Retired and likin' it a lot!
    Regards. Rimmer


    • frunobulax
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      and old GK400b and an iAmp500.  depends on what i feel like taking out.

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    I am using 2 ampeg svt 4 pro"s,ampeg 8x10,ampeg 2x15,sonic max,effect proc,tuner,power cond..depends on mood for basses..i have over 35 basses..spector,jackson,charvel,kramer and schecter..yes my back hurts..but..its rock n roll,well worth it for the 2 hours on stage