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  1. first, you got to dodge the tumbleweeds......
  2. Originally Posted by frunobulax um..er...well...but...er... quote the crow, nevermore......
  3. Most likely the MOSFETS shorted out. It could be a cheap fix if the parts are available. The FETs usually run about 30 bucks apiece, and looking at the schematic for the coliseum it looks like it has four of them.
  4. Originally Posted by ToeJamFootball So is this place still full of lightweight rig lovin' old fartbags? Blow ME! I mean, how ya been TJF?
  5. I wonder what else he has on his computer! I would be waaaay too afraid to ask.....
  6. you are a freaky mufuka......you know that don't you?
  7. That is just so fukin EWWWWWWW!
  8. Damn! I smell that one all the way over here!
  9. ebassist.com yep, most everyone bailed to either ebassist.com, or musician.com. I think someone killed Thrustin (kiddin, he is hangin over at musician.com)
  10. Hey Mang! You like this one....? Its an old 70's 80's Cort (matsomoko made) Active, brass fret markers.
  11. Looking to unload my Z-4! Its a Mahogony body, Burled Maple top, Maple on Maple neck. New DR Low Beams installed. Zero Fret. Active Barts (9v) with hsc. Make me a serious offer on PM.
  12. Hey perry, any interest in the spector I have listed? I like the Spectors, but I think I would have to trade for a legend or rebop. I am really starting to have a change of heart, I have three fivers already, and I don't really need another bass, I just hate the thought of getting rid of the Kingston.
  13. Hi! I have not too long ago made the switch to five string, and the Kingston isn't seeing any playing time. I would like to score another 5 string, so I am thinking trades. I am looking for maybe a Spector, Warwick, another MTD, interesting trades. PM me if you are interested. This is a stock photo that was taken when I bought it. This is the bass that I am trying to trade. It is strung with DR low beams. It is a tobacco sunburst over a burled maple top. Back is mahogony. Maple fretboard with a zero fret. Sweet bass, I just need a fiver.
  14. Do you still have the Electro Harmonix Dr. Q Envelope Follower (Reissue) for sale?
  15. You still have this? maybe trade for an MTD Kingston Z-4?? Warwick Corvette Standard active (4 string)??
  16. I am envious of your stack. Is the top 2x12 stable when the s6 is cranked? Yeah, the corner pieces kinda link together. I appreciate the comment. It took me a while to build it (they are a lil expensive).
  17. Highly recommended Dave! Great little amp, I do plan to upgrade to the 6.0 sometime down the track though. The 3.0 is still plenty loud. You gotta watch it TJ, or you will get bit by the bug like I did.
  18. I have a Line 6 floor pod for sale. It is the Bass xtlive. If you are looking you know what this thing does. Truth is, I dont need it. It comes with a gator soft case, power supply, and the original manual. I am asking 250.00 and offer free shipping to the lower 48.
  19. I got a Phil Jones Bass 6T and a 4B cabinet for sale. The 6T has six pirannaha 5 inch drivers and is rated at 600 watts rms. The 4B has four pirannaha 5 inch drivers and is rated at 300 watts rms. There are no issues with either cabinet. There is a cover for the 4B, none for the 6T. If you want to build a micro-rig, these cabs are it. Asking 550.00 for the 6T, 375.00 for the 4B, or I will sell the whole stack for 875.00. I will only ship to the lower 48. I will only charge actual shipping.
  20. Thanks, but I really want that PJB Suitcase combo! I love the PJB sound...but I'd like a bit more volume. Would you like an extension cabinet for it?
  21. Not Bohemian Rhapsody, but Its late was a damn good song. BTW Ya know what Freddy Mercury would be doing right now if he were still alive........trying to claw his way outta that coffin!
  22. Hey Friend, I am looking for an SVT-4 head to just blow the hell out of the rest of my rig. Would 600 plus shipping be an insult? I would be willing to wait until June 1st to get her shipped, as long as you are willing to wait until the end of may to receive payment. I will do paypal, personal check, or however you want to do the deal. I will not be ripped off on shipping though. I will need to know in advance what the shipping charges would be. My zip is 37312. Thanx, Perrydabassman!!!
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