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  1. I'd go with class D in this day and age. The preamp makes all the difference in the world wrt bass tone from the different amp models.
  2. If Agedhorse still posts on the live sound forum, I would consider DMing CraigV and asking if you could post your question on the CVLS forum. Agedhorse would likely have a good handle on the issue as he likely had a big hand in that amp design. He is over at Mesa now, IINM.
  3. I always DI'd out of the back of my Mesa Walkabout head, but I also recorded a straight DI signal, pre-amplifier. At this point, having a Tech 21 Character Series VT bass, I use that, and also a dry signal. Years ago, I DI'd and mic'd the cab for mixing. I want 2 signals, one of which is straight signal. You can reamp or run through a Sim, etc.
  4. I picked one of these up used at the local music shop a while ago. I was looking at something like this, as I find myself playing into the computer a lot and instead of turning on an amp, it's easier to go direct and do some tweaks. I love that it has an FX loop and programmable sounds. It really does have some different Ampeg type tones in it. Cool! Who else likes these things? What about the Bass Driver Deluxe in comparison? I had the RBI rack unit years ago and listening back, I love the tones I recorded. I was too stuck on my amps back then to really listen in the mix, I think. http://www.tech21nyc.com/products/sansamp/characterseries.html
  5. I dig the PJ, but my MIM P Bass Special Deluxe (P/J) cost me a lot less used back in the early 2000's.
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