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  1. I don't think anyone much posts here. The only harp I can even think of is Hohner, and I can't get a decent sound out of any of them.
  2. I actually really like Vic's "Amazing Grace." Generally, I'm not that interested in his solo stuff. I've seen him do some really cool improvised grooves, but I don't have any recordings that really make me say "I want to do this." His work as a band member is top-notch, in any band. The only bassist that has consistently played solo music that I really like is Michael Manring.
  3. I don't know anything about that brand, but I can tell you that even if it's a good player, the value on it isn't very much. Is that a short scale?
  4. I'm not a cellist, but I do know that Yamaha is pretty good for most of their instruments. Even when they aren't a personal choice, its rarely because they aren't good instruments.
  5. Eh, theory has helped me a bunch.
  6. Originally posted by Fireball_73 an 80's squire P was in a shop in Glasgow for
  7. MIJ Fender, to me, also includes the Squiers. And the Japanese Squiers I've played have been very nice. Worth isn't gonna be too much. There is still a stigma surrounding Asian-built instruments, though Japanese models are starting to break that. $350 or so should be reasonable for a standard model.
  8. Originally posted by bassesofalessergod i once got busy in a burger king bathroom. I once looked at a Taco John's employee so hard her face melted.
  9. Nope. When I'm browsing this forum, I see exactly what you see-nothing more. I have no privelages on any forum except Brass/WW. I hear Catphish can be bought though...
  10. Originally posted by King Kashue I mean, people don't just make threads willy-nilly to get attention and make a fuss...Making a thread and declaring your departure is not something you do lightly...
  11. Volume-neck pickup Volume-bridge pickup Tone-master tone control OR, sometimes: Hiss-neck pickup Extreme his-bridge pickup Hiss pitch-master hiss pitch.
  12. Originally posted by lug They are great for recording. Cna't duplicate their sound with anything else. While this makes sense, I don't see myself doing anything more than home recording anytime soon!
  13. I've played a couple. Neat idea, but I see no practical value yet.
  14. I wonder if he liked his strap setup on his Ric, J, and Wal better?
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