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  1. I am going to go out on a limb here and say it's a bass guitar.
  2. I tried a blow torch once and when the smoke cleared all that was left was the frets.
  3. It seems like 2/3 of all the eBay bass ads say "from Japan" on there. I was wondering if anyone has ordered one of these and if it was a good or bad experience.
  4. Sounds like a drummer.
  5. Those look like ear plugs. LOL
  6. I was thinking of going stringless for my next bass.
  7. I just looked up the specs on the Fender site. You have to put the name in the search bar since they don't appear in photos on their site yet. That said, they have medium jumbo frets which are much longer lasting than the tall narrow jobs on the other new basses. I think the price is fair considering you get a jazz bridge pickup as well, but like I said earlier I'd rather have the bridge pickup omitted and pay $100 less.
  8. I think these are American Special basses with a different name. Looks like all the Precision's have the added bridge pickup. I could do without it and make the bass $100 less.
  10. Get a set of D'Addario tape wounds. Your neck will never get a string divot and the sound will have more bite than with flats.
  11. It might not work for a Hofner, but I have been using tape wounds for about 5 years and I'm never going back to rounds or flats again. The round wounds will definitely wear down the frets, whereas the flats will not.
  12. With his vocal abilities, attitude and singing voice he had the entire band fooled. Since then, I've had a better filter fer sure!
  13. I'll start. I was in a blues band with a very talented singer who could learn lyrics and sing them like no one else I've worked with. We had a good and popular band in the Akron, OH area. I knew him 4 years. The thing is, every single thing he said about himself in previous bands and who he played with in Nashville, his jobs, etc., were complete fabrications. He claimed to sing for Stacy Mitchhart in Nashville. He claimed he was a singer who's jams well known country stars used to come to the singer's jams in their younger days. You get the idea. It dawned on me and the band when I asked Stacy in a trip to Nashville if he ever heard of the singer. Nope. I asked around at all the places in Nashville he said he knew people. Nope. A couple of us decided to show up at the hotel he said he was a manager at to take him to a power lunch. They said they didn't have anyone there by that name. Turns out,he was a permanent welfare case who did DJ karaoke on the side. That's where he learned the music. Looking back, no wonder he had to leave so many social events to "do a favor" for a bar to"fill in" as a DJ for them. He did an awful lot of filling in! I doubt he was actually ever in a band before. Just a drunk DJ wannabe. He could sing, I'll give him that.
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