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  1. I play the occasional bass lead.
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    Probably safer for all concerned. But not as much fun.
  3. It is pretty easy to play bass by ear. As you say, the patterns are the same for every key, they're just in different locations. Of course, it gets more complicated than that, but really, it doesn't have to. May I suggest that you also work on major and minor pentatonic scales? Over the years, I have found that having a bit of music theory goes a long way.
  4. Having fun is what it's all about. Sure as hell ain't none of us getting rich!
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    Gig was cancelled yesterday. "Maybe next week."
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    Took the 4003AC to another band practice yesterday (yes, a third band). Sounded really good. In that band, we do a few songs in which I play with a pick. I found that the pickup placement made that more difficult than with a standard Ric. Before I left for practice, I raised the bridge saddles slightly. I didn't notice any difference in the action, but the fret buzz I'd noticed before seems to have gone away.
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    Oregon is starting to open up. The sports bar adjacent to the bowling alley called up the bandleader for Let It Roll and asked if we could play this Thursday. The other guys really need the money, little as it is, so we're playing.
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    Had a band practice Friday, and I took the 4003AC. I like it. It's set up with a very low action, compared to my other Rics. That made it more clacky. Little bit of buzz. I noticed it on the A string, particularly when playing a B. Intonation is spot on, all the way up the neck. I like the sound a lot. A bit brighter, a bit punchier than a standard Ric. I wouldn't go so far as to say that it's a better sound than a standard Ric, but it is a different one, and in a useful way. I'll take it to a gig on Thursday (different band). My expectation is that the guys in that band will ooh and ah over its looks, but won't like the sound as much, if they notice a difference at all. They prefer the deep sound of a standard Ric, which is one thing the 4003AC isn't as good at.
  9. Any specific distance from the wall?
  10. No. I'm a hoarder. I have no space.
  11. Sure, why not? Won't cost me anything to try. Assuming I ever play again!
  12. Seems to me that you'd be killing the mids and highs, where most of the tone is.
  13. To do what, exactly?
  14. I used to play through a setup like this. Sunn Concert Bass amp, 150 watts into 4 ohms, and a Sunn 215S cabinet with, you guessed it, two 15" drivers. I have no idea how the sound would compare with what I'm using now, fifty years later.
  15. All I can say is good luck.
  16. Woohoo! Thought it might be the tremolo pots, so I cleaned them. No help. Figured I had to have a loose connection someplace. Checked the wires on the pots, hoping to find a loose wire, but they were all solid. Checked the optocoupler I'd installed: solid. Bumped a transistor, and felt it move. Hmm, that's not supposed to happen. Wiggled it some more. Yup. Flipped the amp over to check it out, and found a wire moving in its solder. Cold solder joint, maybe. Maybe even my fault. Who knows? Anyway, soldered it up and tested the amp. Worked great. Cleaned the dust off of the speakers and flipped them over. Put the sjhole thing back together, and tested it again. It's good. Time to get it out of my back room!
  17. I am annoyed. I replaced the filter cap, got it tied down. Replaced the light dependent resistor (LDR) with a photocoupler and achieved tremolo. I cleaned up the reverb tank and remounted it using double sided tape, and checked that it worked. Then I put the chassis back in the case, and... no tremolo. Gotta take it apart again and figure out why it's there part of the time, and then not. Grrr!
  18. Whatever that is, it is definitely not a demonstration of bass effects.
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