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  1. That's true, but I do know a little bit about this stuff, and this was a power supply cap.
  2. A poopyhead with an MP3!
  3. Oh, yeah? Well, you're a poopyhead!
  4. My best guess, at this point, is that the bad cap pulled the voltage down enough that there wasn't enough for the regulator to do its job, resulting in no voltage for the rest of the amp.
  5. Opened it up, looking for visible issues. Checked all of the fuses. One of the power supply caps was bulging. Noted that, but couldn't think of any reason that would cause the speaker to fail completely. Couldn't find any other issues. Tested the drivers, and they worked, as expected. I wouldn't have thought that both would fail at the same time. Wiring looked good. The cap was the only thing I could see. My thinking was that a bad cap ought to cause noise problems if open, or a blown fuse if shorted. Neither of those was the problem. It turned on (power LED lit), but no sound. So, I did what a good tech ought to do. I got a new cap and replaced the cap. Fix the known problem, even if you don't think it could cause the symptoms. It might be masking another problem. Put it all back together, powered it up. No smoke, good. Light on, good. Applied a signal, and voila! Sound. No idea how that cap could have caused the lack of sound, but it works now. I must have the magic touch.
  6. I'm thinking about buying a cheapo and tuning it BEAD.
  7. Could be. Worth it for someone in the St Louis area.
  8. Amy! Glad you could drop in. Moving to Sweden? Life must be rough! I still fantasize about moving to Italy, but can't work out how to do it.
  9. More cheapos, and not just basses. https://www.glarrymusic.com/
  10. To the extent that power amps make a difference in tone, I prefer solid state over tubes. The low end sounds more solid to me. I think it may be the damping factor.
  11. I recently bought a class D amp. A Bugera Veyron 1000M. Plenty of power, small easily transported, sounds fine. I'm still dialing in the exact sound I want, but the fact that it doesn't have tubes doesn't seem to be a factor (there's also the 1000T, with a preamp tube, for people who insist on having a tube). I wouldn't say that it sounds better than my other gear, but different. The same is true of my all-tube heads as opposed to my tube preamp/class D power amp setup. There are good amps made in every configuration. What most appeals to me about the new amp is that I can put it, its power cord, a speaker cord and a guitar cord in a used laptop case and carry it in one hand or sling it over my shoulder, and it's at least as loud as any of my other amps.
  12. I saw Queen on the Day at the Races tour, and yes, when they went to the tape backup in the middle of Bohemian Rhapsody, I was royally pissed off! I wanted to see how a great band would pull that off, and instead, they punted.
  13. I don't know of anyone doing it, but I don't see any particular reason not to. It wouldn't have the same tone as a dedicated bass guitar, but different basses have different tones, anyway. Wouldn't go as low, either, but a cello doesn't go as low as a double bass, and it seems to serve as the bass voice in a lot of music with no problems. I'd think that it would be a matter of how well it fit the music and the band in which it was being used.
  14. I have to correct myself. In a tube circuit, the first thing to be done is always to verify that the tubes are working properly. If you have access to a tube tester, that's the way to go. If not - and few of us do, anymore - then the best thing is to use a known good tube in place of the suspect tube(s). Do you have any other amps that use the same tubes that are working properly?
  15. My first thought is, not enough information. If I were in your position, I'd open up the amp and trace the circuits to make sure that everything is wired the way it should be.
  16. Looks like my daughter's bass. I'll have to dig it out later and see if the similarities are more than superficial.
  17. I have listened to it. I like it. More layers than past efforts, by my recollection. More vocal harmonies, some added keys and guitars(!). Probably never be a hit in dance clubs, as there are too many tempo changes. I see it as a heavy prog album, and yes, I like it.
  18. Got my copy yesterday. Haven't played it yet.
  19. The album is out. My copy is already on order! https://clatter.bandcamp.com/album/pull-back-for-sound
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