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Jason Laurianti

DigiTech DBM Bad Monkey Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal

Sound Quality

I've run this pedal through three different setups (Digitech Legend 21 into a Marshall Ministack, straight into a VOX AD50VT, and into my Digitech 2112 w/2120 chip upgrade into a Marshall 9200 Dual Monobloc Power Amp powering a Marshall 1960A Slant Face Cab) and find that this pedal works best into a tube amp. It produces a very smooth, warm overdrive that will work quite well for what I do (rock/blues, and a touch of metal). The addition of the bass and treble knobs are quite effective and will radically alter the tone of the pedal, don't be afraid to experiment with various settings. You'll find a sound to your taste in a matter of minutes. The "Texas Tone" setting in the manual was the perfect starting point to finding mine. I will say that it does not "de-transisterize" a solid state amp, but will fatten up those circuits as well. It does add a bit of noise if your not careful. I found the noise to be worse (substantially) with the solid state setups I tried it through. Noise was not nearly as bad into my Digitech 2112. But then again, if you're not using some form of noise suppression, you'll be ablr to afford one with the money you save by buying this pedal. I was worried about the bargain basement price tag, but then again Digitech has the means to mass produce these puppies and keep the price as user friendly as the pedal itself.


Let's see, it's built of friggin' steel and could be used in a mob hit for bludgeoning purposes. I may be biased toward Digitech as I've used their gear for 13 years, but I've always been happy with their stuff, even when I've had the occasional snafu (and I've had them, believe me...). This is a sturdy pedal, period. Go physically pick one up and see for yourself.

General Comments

No, it's not totally silent in it's operation, but it's $40 new. Some cost cutting measures were probably taken to keep the cost down, but not many. It was designed for and truly does work well with tube amps. It's a big, warm slice of tone nirvana that I'd buy again if I had to. Tone snobs will pass on it for the brand name, the price, and the fact it's a new product that is not painstakingly handwired for 6 hours. That's their loss and our gain, as the lowered demand will help keep prices down (gotta love Economics!!). If you're a kid looking for a pedal to play some "jam" type stuff or classic rock, or want to boost your amps distortion for solos, go check it out. The paper route will pay for it.

Ten years from now they'll be calling it "The Poor Man's Tube Screamer." While that product sells based on it's former glory, this one will sell on the reputation it's building right now.

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