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  1. Granted, some won't be able to. I'll take a stab.... Unknown toy piano Unknown tabletop electric organ Hallet-Davis upright piano Casio ??? (had a faux-walnut cabinet, presets called "Funky" and "Frog".... if anyone can help identify, please let me know!) Yamaha CS-01 Moog Opus-3 Rhodes Stage MKII 73 Roland EP-6060 Yamaha CP-30 Roland SH-101 Roland Juno-106 (more than once) Roland SH-101 Roland TR-727 E-Mu Emax Yamaha CS5M Music Computer Roland D-50 Roland Juno-60 Minimoog (go ask flattop) Roland Jupiter-6 Roland JX-8P Roland XP-80 Korg N5 Korg N5EX Alesis QS6 Yamaha S30 Microkorg (might not count... exercised the return policy when I decided I couldn't handle the mini-keys) Micromoog Moog Prodigy Kurzweil SP-76 Roland RS-5 Korg Triton Yamaha Motif-6 Korg TR-76 ... and today's rig: Yamaha Motif-7 Roland XP-30 Nord Lead 2X Moog Little Phatty Stage II P.S. - Borrowed my piano teacher's Arp Omni-I once, too.
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