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  1. Thanks, guys/gals. Going with simplicity... A.J. it is. And added 3 AM and Her Diamonds (Matchbox 20/Rob Thomas) today. Man, the wife DIGS that stuff!
  2. Thanks, all, for the insights. I think the AJ - something thing makes the most sense. No real risk in colliding with an already well-known brand ;-). Whiskey Cliff used to call me "Dandy Andy" when I'd solo in his Cleveland Express Blues Band, at dive bars, at 15 years old. Jeeeeez, my daughter's age. And Studz Buckley... DEFINITELY a close second.
  3. After a long while off, gonna start booking pretty much as many solos as possible. My question is this... have any of you guys/gals "renamed" yourself as a solo act? I don't mean a first/last name change, but a "play on words" kind of thing? I ask because my first & last name is... well.... dorky. Gonna do the VistaPrint business card thing again so now would be the time. Also when the venue puts it up on their marquee, it looks... well.... dorky. Something like "Drew's Tunes", "Andy on Keys", but nowhere near as bad ;-). Man, I suck at coming up with this {censored}!
  4. Decided not to replace the PS60 (primarily due to OSU looming for the boy in the fall ;-)... only thing I can't handle is the SUPER-flimsy AC power supply... about the thickness of a strand of hair. Anyone know of a source for tougher alternatives? Googlin' ain't turning up much....
  5. Had the N5EX as my 2nd-tier 'board back in the wedding band days. At times I really miss it. King of realism for Rhodes and Hammond? Definately not. More than cuts the mustard in a cover band? Certainly. And a great collection of synth sounds. I still miss "Moonrise" big-time! Truth be told, Id rather have the N5EX back than the M50, which I just god rid of.
  6. I have the traynor K4, and while it is excellent in many ways (with lots of power) it does not do a good job reproducing my Nord Stage stereo pianos!! So, I am looking at the Yamaha StagePas for the moment. I would like to keep the $$ to a minimum, and since the K4 is rated at 300 watts would the stagepas 300 have the same power as a K4???? aL Same power on paper, perhaps.... and I'm by no means a sound reinforcement expert. But I've compared the K4 and the StagePas 500 (note, NOT 300), side by side many times.... and the StagePas cannot throw anywhere near as powerfully as the K4. Probably has mostly to do with the speaker configs.... also keep in mind, the 300s 8" woofers as opposed to the 500's 10"s. Like I said, the StagePas sound QUALITY is excellent.... it just can't do a lot of QUANTITY. All IMHO, of course!
  7. And BTW.... let's have a review of the SV-1 once you've played around with it!!
  8. Yes, the Sonas sure were powerful and clear, but I got rid of mine due to the persistent hissing. Talked to Sweetwater a while back about them to see if it had been corrected on the newer models and he said something to the effect of "I don't think we'll be hearing from Barbetta again". Whatever that means. Anyway, I owned a Roland KC-500 also in the past, and no matter what I did, I couldn't get it to stop sounding too midrange-ish. I have the StagePas 500 system, which has excellent sound quality and is great for solo and duo gigs in SMALL areas. If you want to drive any measure of power, however, look elsewhere. Which brings me to my current amp, the Traynor Keymaster K4. Although I don't own the SV-1 (yet?), VERY good sound on all fronts... pianos, organs, EPs, synths... and PLENTY of headroom. You might be able to score a used one for around $600. Good luck!
  9. Granted, some won't be able to. I'll take a stab.... Unknown toy piano Unknown tabletop electric organ Hallet-Davis upright piano Casio ??? (had a faux-walnut cabinet, presets called "Funky" and "Frog".... if anyone can help identify, please let me know!) Yamaha CS-01 Moog Opus-3 Rhodes Stage MKII 73 Roland EP-6060 Yamaha CP-30 Roland SH-101 Roland Juno-106 (more than once) Roland SH-101 Roland TR-727 E-Mu Emax Yamaha CS5M Music Computer Roland D-50 Roland Juno-60 Minimoog (go ask flattop) Roland Jupiter-6 Roland JX-8P Roland XP-80 Korg N5 Korg N5EX Alesis QS6 Yamaha S30 Microkorg (might not count... exercised the return policy when I decided I couldn't handle the mini-keys) Micromoog Moog Prodigy Kurzweil SP-76 Roland RS-5 Korg Triton Yamaha Motif-6 Korg TR-76 ... and today's rig: Yamaha Motif-7 Roland XP-30 Nord Lead 2X Moog Little Phatty Stage II P.S. - Borrowed my piano teacher's Arp Omni-I once, too.
  10. Enjoy the icing. The cake batter was mixed my radical marxists & terrorist groups. Enjoy your Lord. Wow. You need help, dude. I'm gonna go play my Nord until the victory speech. 'Night!
  11. Enjoy your Ogasm, suckers. I will, thanks. Felt pretty damn good watching thousands and thousands of young people... black, white, hispanic, and others.... embracing over this historic moment. Another plus... Palin can now feel free to pose for Playboy.
  12. I'm pretty sure that I'm not going to hell. It's way too full of Catholic priests for there to be any room for me.
  13. Obama, no question. I'm actually excited to vote this time around. McCain = more Bush. Palin = WTF???
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