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Sound Quality

After messing around for weeks I finally got some kind of cool sounds. And now, years after the purchase, I've actually got a lot of high quality sounds that many guitarists would envy. It's not easy to get the sounds right but when you do you will not be disappointed. The things I use are: one Gibson Les Paul Studio, one modified Westone Pantera (EMG-85, Torsionbridge Shift 2001) ==> Boss Fuzz ==> Dunlop Crybaby Original ==> Digitech RP-10 ==> Laney GH-100L ==> Crate BV412SV....and that's it. Being a metal/rock/blues-kind of guitarist I of course want at least the sounds of Entombed, James Hetfield, Kirk Hammett, Kyuss, Fu-Manchu, AC-DC, Hooker, Gary Moore etc. And NOW I've got them. But it took time, so be patient if you are to buy this machine. Because this unit sounds lite CRAP if you don't get it right. But if you get it right, then you will be happy about it. No lies there my friends. IMPORTANT: If you are after heavy metal distortions with this baby, then you GOT TO HAVE a powerful amprig or else it will just sound like shit. I will give it a 10 because I finally have got all the things working right. But it's a hell getting there.


Solid metal. Will take any beating. The little plastic editing buttons are crappy though. But it have never failed me and I treat it with no caution what so ever. Ok, it can take what I expect it to take.

General Comments

It's great once you mastered it. Which takes almost forever. I would never buy it again if it was stolen. Too hard to use but it got the sounds allright. But you can find all those sounds in different units. Actually, I'm trying to sell it just for the sake of changing my sound. I don't know what to replace it with just yet. :-) Last word: No unit should be this hard to use. And if you can't use it, then it is worthless. I can use it so I'll give it a 5.

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