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  1. Quality tone and a wide-array of controls for any situation - rhythm or lead by Brian Johnston Classic in tone with a well thought-out design will have you moving from crunch rhythm to creamy leads effortlessly. Factor in the Voicing and Tone controls and the FR 100 will work with any amp and pickup selection, whether dark and muddy or trebly and bright. If you’re looking for a solid rock machine, this may be just what you're after. What You Need to Know The FR 100 produces incredibly ‘classic’ sounding rock rhythm and lead. Certainl
  2. Clearer and tighter tones with this Dual Vitalized Routing Interface By Brian Johnston If you think your tone sounds better with buffers designed within some of your pedals, then you will be even happier with the crisper and clearer tones of the DVI-1M. Your guitar tone and the voicing of your pedals will improve and cut through the mix even better than before. Developed by Providence from Japan, you are guaranteed quality components and sound results with this independent buffering and routing system. What You Need to Know The Dual
  3. Four channel 100 watt tube amp in a compact pedal-style design by Brian Johnston Thomas Blug is a world-class guitarist who has built his own amps and cabinets for several years. His vision was to develop an amp that was portable, lightweight, suitable for pedalboards, and it had to sound great. He hit the nail on the head in every instant, starting with the Amp1 (discontinued and replaced with the Mercury edition), and currently with the new Iridium edition – a 100 watt amp (both pre-amp and power amp) with four channels (clean, vintage, classic, and modern) and a ton
  4. Read on for a look back at other significant moments that shaped rock and roll during this historically eventful month. Events 1961 – The Beach Boys release “Surfin,” their first single, on the tiny label Candix Records. 1960 - Aretha Franklin performs her very first concert. The show is at the Village Vanguard in New York City. 1960 – A 12-year-old James Taylor receives his first guitar as a Christmas present. 1962 - Bob Dylan visited England for the first time. On that same trip, he plays his first show in London at the Troubadour Club. 1963 – Capitol Records
  5. by Anne Erickson Christmas and heavy music make for strange bedfellows. That said, a handful of rock and metal personalities have managed to knock out holiday sets that are actually really good, both placing their muscular stamp on Christmas classics and crafting entirely new yuletide tunes. Read on for 10 hard rock and metal Christmas albums that might prove the perfect fit for background music at Christmas dinner. Okay, maybe that’s a stretch, but, nonetheless, these releases sure rock! 10. The Vandals, Christmas with the Vandals To say The
  6. One of rock’s most important bands made their U.S. television debut, a glam-rock icon staged his own episode of “The Midnight Special,” and Nirvana taped an historic concert. A spate of classic albums was released as well, including landmark records by The Velvet Underground, John Lennon, and U2. Read on for a look back at other significant moments that shaped rock and roll during this historically eventful week. Events 1956 – “Love Me Tender,” the first feature film to star Elvis Presley, premieres at the Paramount Theater in New York. 1955 - RCA Records scoops up Elvis Presley
  7. Happy Thanksgiving! Why not celebrate by spinning a playlist full of Thanksgiving-appropriate classic rock tunes? From songs about pies to honey rolls, here are 10 classic rock songs for Thanksgiving. AC/DC, 'The Honey Roll' Not everyone has honey rolls at their Thanksgiving dinner, but they’re certainly a good addition. Off 1995’s Ballbreaker, AC/DC serve up a rock ‘n’ roll dish with “The Honey Roll,” packed with red-hot riffing, plodding beats and wacky lyrics. It’s classic AC/DC fare. Warrant, 'Cherry Pie' Well, this was a no-brainer. What’s a Thanksgiving playlist witho
  8. A Plexi-style pedal, tweaked to Greg’s preferences Author Credit: Brian Johnston Greg Howe, guitarist extraordinaire, was both impressed by and has endorsed Carl Martin’s Plexitone multi-drive pedal. However, Howe wanted a few adjustments to hone in on his signature tone while combining elements of both the Crunch and High-Gain channels. The result became the Greg Howe Lick Box, one of the finest and most amp-like sounding overdrives I have reviewed. What You Need To Know Allow me to qualify the term ‘amp-like.’ I have worked with many ove
  9. Week of October 28 - November 3 From the release of Led Zeppelin's "Immigrant Song" to the birthdays of U2's Larry Mullen and Red Hot Chili Peppers' Anthony Kiedis, the tail end of October through early November offers memorable moments in rock music history. Read on for some major events, historic record releases and notable births and deaths happening October 28 through November 3. Events 1961 - Bob Dylan rocks Carnegie Chapter Hall in New York City for the first time. 1967 - The Stooges perform live for the first time at a Detroit, Michigan, Halloween bash. 1998 - T
  10. A fantastic album cover can leave a mark on your mind and heart just as strongly as the music it encloses, giving a visual idea of what to expect from the music behind the artwork. Oodles of such great album covers are out there, and although it’s seemingly impossible to whittle that down to just 10, we here at Gibson.com have done our best. After careful consideration of popular music throughout the decades, here’s our list, in alphabetical order by the artist, of 10 of the most iconic album covers to ever hit the store shelves. What’s your favorite rock design? Let us know in the dialog
  11. by Anne Erickson U2 frontman Bono and guitarist The Edge are known for much more than just their chart-topping rock anthems: Both are humanitarians who have lent their time and hearts to a variety of causes over the years. We’re taking a closer look at the statesmen of rock ‘n’ roll with profiles of both Bono and The Edge to get to know both a bit better.The stats: Who: David “The Edge” Howell EvansBorn: Aug. 8, 1961Instruments: Guitars, piano, keyboards, vocals/background vocalsBio:U2’s David “The Edge” Howell Evans was born in Barking, Essex, in East London, to Gwenda and Garvin
  12. by Anne Erickson Week of October 14th - 20th Pop music’s most important band made their television debut, one of rock’s greatest heavy metal bands kicked off their third U.S. tour, and classic rock legends Santana made a spectacular comeback. A spate of classic albums was released as well, including landmark records by David Bowie, Bob Seger and the Rolling Stones. Events 1959 – Paul McCartney makes his debut appearance with The Quarrymen, performing alongside John Lennon and three other band members. 1960 – Roy Orbison scores his first U.K. Number One hi
  13. by Anne Erickson From Alice Cooper to Rob Zombie, head-splittingly heavy music has a lengthy history of complimenting all things horrific, and what better time to recognize those menacing musicians than this week? Read on for our list of the Top 10 Halloween Songs of All Time, offering some killer tracks to get you in the mood for Halloween. What are your favorite scary tunes? Give us your picks in the comments area! 10. King Diamond, “Halloween” Who better to craft a Halloween hit than Kim Petersen, a ka King Diamond? “Halloween” is taken from the singer’s de
  14. by Anne Erickson Week of September 30 - October 6th Happy October, rockers. The first week in October packs a major punch when it comes to musical milestones, from the release of Led Zeppelin III to the tragic death of Janis Joplin. Events 1962 - "Love Me Do," the debut single from the Beatles, was released in the UK. 1967 - The Beatles start recording "Hello Goodbye." 1969 - The Beatles' Abbey Road album reached number one on the UK charts. 1978 - Gene Simmons has something to celebrate, as his self-titled solo album is certified
  15. by Anne Erickson Week of September 2th - 8th From the release of John Lennon's seminal Imagine album in the U.S. to the births of Freddie Mercury and Roger Waters, early September offers a plentiful amount of historical musical moments. Read on for some major events, historic record releases and notable births and deaths happening September 2 through September 8. Events 1956 - Elvis Presley appears on The Ed Sullivan Show for the first time. 1964 - The Animals rock America for the first time with a gig at New York's Paramount Theatre. 1968 - The members of
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