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  1. I kinda like it. I wouldn't buy it unless I seen it in person.
  2. Reminds me. The bowling alley near my house is going out of business. Anyone have a use for a huge supply of bowling balls?
  3. If it is burl bubinga that would be the grain https://goo.gl/images/GDaxxW
  4. I stopped listening to McCartney after the first time hearing "Silly Love Songs"
  5. Copeland. He's the easiest to replace. Give me a pocket drummer any day. with who? Charlie Watts isn't busy these days
  6. For those who don't know. The reverb chamber was a hole cut into the dining room ceiling. It was then tiled and had a Mic and speaker in it. The speaker was a live feed from the studio in the basement.
  7. I sang some harmony into the reverb hole with our guide. I know, music need. Guilty as charged
  8. It was meant as an example of great song writing and performed with passion with marginal engineering/production. as for the Mic drop. If you ever heard me sing, You'll be screaming for me to drop the mic
  9. I remember the last time I was in the studio. The producer/engineer said to me; "get the hell out of here or I'll call the cops"
  10. I'm a song first kind of guy. I would prefer a great song with good production. I'm likely alone in my taste.
  11. These poor slobs could stand so autotune as well
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