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  1. Well, then with all that stuff, it'd be more likely to be worth it.
  2. OH MY GOD. Look at that cool scooter at 3:42. I know! The one with the alien-looking front fairing? I'd love to see the rest of that.
  3. Oooooooh silver flake double bound tele! That's the same thing I said when I saw that pic.
  4. This is the best economic climate to get a divorce in the last 50 something years!!! If you have the notion that the time is right to pull the plug... sooner is better than later!! Peace. I'm hoping you're right on this.
  5. I did something similar, with some scraps left over from working on a friends' basement remodel. It wasn't random, but I didn't use a formula, either. Sounds great.
  6. Absolutely. But, on the other hand, there are actually types of music I listen to now because of the recording quality that I wouldn't have previously listened to. Bingo. And you know what? I don't let my knowledge get in the way of the listening. It actually makes it much more enjoyable for me.
  7. If it works, you could, with great accuracy to your clients, tell them that "that track was on fire!"
  8. Naw. Not really obsessed with death or hate, so I'm not inclined to dwell on them to the point of seeing it in everything. What I'm still trying to process is the certainty of record sales from 'proper' mastering. In 6 months, no less.
  9. Originally posted by UstadKhanAli I don't remember that being super guitar-heavy. Interesting. I recall it being really bombastic, as if the whole thing was recorded in a coliseum, but I also thought it was relatively well-balanced and had a lot of synths. Bear in mind that I haven't exactly listened to this recently... Well, neither have I. I just remember listening to the record, and realizing that, after a short while, I was fatigued. I noticed that the guitar was the most oppressive instrument in the mix. I then tried to run it through a graphic eq, and had no luck in removing the ear-pressing presence of the guitar. Then, when I saw the credits, that his tech had recorded and mixed the album, it all made sense, as Kevin was likely suffering from a handicap in that part of the spectrum, thereby pushing the mix to accomodate something that wasn't missing in the first place. Which is all too bad, as I thought "Dixie Highway" kicked some serious ass.
  10. The concert DVD of Sting's "Brand New Day" tour has some atrocious audio...comp/limiters pumping too much in all the wrong places, instruments disappearing, soundfield imaging moving around.
  11. Off the top of my head, the first thing that comes to mind is Journey's "Captured" album. Good GOD, is that thing ear-bending. I noted that it was really guitar-heavy, the kind where no amount of EQ could get rid of the problem...then I later discovered that Neal Schon's guitar tech basically had oversight of the whole thing.
  12. While I don't normally put "voice training" and "Simon LeBon" in the same sentence, I'd be willing to wager there's a good bit of simply having developed into the job, for him. After all, he joined the band by answering an ad in the paper that advertised needing a "frontman for a poser band" where vocal skills weren't the highest priority. I pretty much dig them, as well, although it took me a while.
  13. Well...I wasn't, but it keeps circling in my head. How do I tell my wife "I'm going to head up to Boulder and pick up a blonde"? It had roundwounds, and they actually felt pretty good. I was surprised. Like I said, I didn't plug it in--I usually don't in a music store, because I figure the staff gets enough of that all day--but the acoustical feel, alone, was enough to make me consider it. It did feel, on occasion, kinda "flappy", but I'm sure that was a combination of things. Never did it buzz, though, which I thought was cool. It was priced--as I've since discovered--a little high, at $311. It also had a little ding in it on the topside; quite visible, lending more cred to my "priced high" judgement. I've been poking 'round the 'net for them. I'm tending to prefer the black or the blonde ones; I'll settle for a burst if I hafta, but it's feeling a bit cliche` for my tastes. An aside: While on my net search for these the other day, of course I hit eBay. One of the more interesting search finds was a no-name violin-body bass. Looking at the pics, I started getting the little hair-shivers on my arm...it is--and I am between 85-90% certain--my long-missing VOX violin bass, that mysteriously disappeared from a consignment slot in a guitar shop in Indy back in the mid-80's, when the shop owner started getting a little heavily into the stuff that would eventually end up with him barricaded in his house for hours, and an eventual prison stay. I mean, they're pretty rare, and this one was just a little TOO familiar. If it is mine, I'd love to know about it's journey; I don't think the sellers have any idea, really.
  14. Just happened across a couple of Jay Tursers at Robb's Music in Boulder a couple of hours ago. Gotta tell you, the blonde model is beautiful! Not wild about the gold hardware, but hey. Needed a setup pretty bad, but was playable. Didn't plug it in. Made in China. Caught me off guard.
  15. Originally posted by Phil O'Keefe ... but I've still got this giant phallus sitting there. And I can't get rid of it... Don't know that too many people are anxious to get rid of a giant phallus, Phil. Just sayin'.
  16. Good for you on the 10-minute response time. You are, indeed an extreme minority. Run with it, Forrest. Run.
  17. What I want from MOTU is timely, helpful, and polite customer service.
  18. Originally posted by gearmike Actually, I got this soul in a rent-to-own deal...came with the couch and coffee table set... Any change under the cushions?
  19. I'm not Phil, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night. For $200--or just under--you can get a Rogue Beatle Bass from Musician's Friend. It gets high ratings.
  20. Originally posted by RoboPimp I didn't say that they don't sound different, I said it makes no difference. the reason it makes no difference is becuase the recording/playing/guitar tone are so crappy to begin with who cares how the mics sound. Surely your golden ear dectected that? I won't say that your post is different, I'll say that it makes no difference because whether you're on a Mac or a PC, your unbridled arrogance/insensitivity/gracelessness are so obvious to begin with who cares what platform you're on? Surely your parents taught you better than that?
  21. I actually liked the Marshall best, first, then the Nady. The 609 has a good sound, but it seemed much more production-specific than the other two...like you would just sort of have to know the type of song you wanted to use it on. Judging from these clips, a more 'classic rock' sound would seem to be available from the Marshall; a newer pop sound from the 609, and a combo of the two from the Nady. Like where, my initial thought before I'd heard anything was "how could you tell with mp3's anyhoo?", but in this case, the difference is quite noticeable. I'm half-tempted to look into that Marshall.
  22. ...one or two Altec-Lansing 4722 mic input transformers. I have an old A-L mixer/amp from the first radio station I was on air at, and it has all 15095 line transformers. I'd like to swap out a couple. I'll even trade you.
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