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  1. Could someone post clips of the sound library? pianos, organs, brasses, strings? Thanks.
  2. Yeah i missunderstood, but i was asking about proteus x le, and wondering if this would be a issue with emulator, because while it is just a little bit noticeable, it is noticeable and bothers me. Thanks, i learned something from yout answers though. So you can use disk streamming or ram streamming using the same samples? nice
  3. well no, i am not running out of ram or disk. ANyway it is so wierd that i have created a project with just proteus x le and pro 53, proteus and fm7, and when i play native instruments VSTi's everything is ok, but when i play proteus le it has noticeable latency.
  4. I have the 1616m and it came with proteus x le. When i have proteus x le running within cubase i experiment a noticeable latency while other vsti's in the same project dont present this problem. I have my asio latency at 10ms for real time playing, that is when this issue happens. HAve any one ran into this? would this be an issue with emulator x2?
  5. Originally posted by Anderton > That's called SynthSwipe, and it's one of the major X2 features along with Twistaloop. I'll be getting to those soon enough if it works i am sold for this feature alone.
  6. What i am anxious to know about is the auto sampling feature (i dont know how emu calls it). Where you can connect lets say an analog synth without memory and make a patch automatically within the emulator. i hope you have the chance to try it craig:thu:
  7. since i am going directrly into my 1616m i dont have good metering options. Can i insert this voxengo's free virtual VU meter in the track to measure it? is there any other better way?
  8. I also took where'2 advise with really good results. just a couple questions... so we are talking more or less -18dBFS RMS and aroung -6 dBFS peak right? when i see my daw (cubase) meters they are peak, so if i shoot for around -6 dBFS in those meters ill be ok? as i understood headroom until now was the diference between the strongest peak in a signal and the point and wich it distorts right? but how do you define headroom of a piece of gear, i mean i though the headroom of a pre amp was increased as i pulled down the gain and viceversa. But when i read in the specs that some gear has x dBU of headroom i dont really understan... plus my emu 1616 specs says that the line inputs has a max level of 20 dBu does that mean that 0 dbU is -20 dBFS?
  9. http://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/ParaDriver/ Have you used one of these? are they any good? the thing is i am looking for some box to record both bass and guitar with good tones options.
  10. Originally posted by wbcsound Just for the sake of discussion, what about the interface boithered you? Being a long time Cakewalk guy, I guess I'm used to where things are laid out. I played around with CUBASE prior to going the SONAR route and ended up going to SONAR because the interface is more or less the same but SONAR was more affordable, backwards compatible, with older projects I'd been working on, and had a better bundle. Well i dont know, the colors, the layout... i dont really know, but everything seem more well laid out in cubase for me... and said FOR ME. And i love sonar features, and i am using the one that comes with my emu 1616 ( i know its very limited) to see if i can get as familiar as with cubase, because sonar 5 is great, and i want to upgrade the the full version either sonar or cubase, but as you said sonar is a more complete bundle.
  11. I wanted to like sonar when i saw the specs of the newest version, i wanted to seize the upgrade from the included sonar with my emu 1616m, but i didnt really like the interface, and that is the main factor for me... but speaking about features it is incredible.
  12. Originally posted by Phil O'Keefe I wonder if you can cascade multiple boxes with the new MOTU - has anyone heard anything about that? I didn't see that feature listed on the Sweetwater site. Motu's site says so... Every magazine i've read praise motu's converters, so isnt it that true?
  13. yeap, it is http://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/UltraLite/
  14. http://www.motu.com/products/motuaudio/ultralite/ I hopw its around $600
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