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  1. Far as I can tell, the only diff between these two models is solid rose b/s on the 16 vs. lam on the 6. So why the $250 price leap for the 16? Is there something else I am missing? I've not been up close to either model, but have listened to many [bad] recordings of each and they both sound pretty damn good. At the moment I am dreadless. Not that this really matters, but I will seize on any excuse to indulge some kind of GAS. It would be great to have something I can carry around the city without worrying too much. Not a beater, but a good guitar that won't break me if it gets stolen by squirrels or eaten by a homeless man or run over by the A train. I should grab the LL6 when I can. Why am I even considering the 16? And where the f is Queequeg? And D03nut? I haven't "seen" one of his posts in a "long" time. Also, why do they make CDs so fucking hard to open???
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